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Flaming-Go Café

A few weeks ago, I went to Flaming-Go Ca, which is an amazing little place to take some great photos and is a great Instagram spot; the place looks amazing.

When you walk in, you are greeted by someone at the desk who takes you to your table; now I arrived, I thought we'd be waiting for a few minutes because that is what normally happens but no Flaming-Go Ca proved me wrong; we got sat at our table in a matter of seconds.

This place isn't just great for getting photos on Instagram but also a great place to take your family, even the little ones. They have a normal menu and a mini one for the kids that's got a flamingo on the back of it for them to colure in plus, they get given a little tin of craons so while we wait for our food.

Since I've got the iPhone14 Pro, I've not had much chance to play with the camera and push it to the max but while waiting for my food, I thought now would be the perfect time to push the Pro to its limit. Apart from the photos you've seen already, the others you will see while you continue reading and scrolling down are some of the photos I managed to get.

After going crazy with taking photos, our food arrived, and it looked amazing. I had the Wagyu Burger with beef patty, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, emmental cheese, caramelised onions and brenda’s special burger sauce, served in a seeded brioche bun and fries. I also had a caramel latte which tasted amazing and I also tried their chocolate, benna pancake chocolate sauce and white sugar, which also tasted incredible. The wait wasn't that long, not as I expected it to be

This place was amazing and I'd defiantly go back. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for someone where new check out. I've also left their social media links below and their website for anyone who may want to check them out




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