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Goodbye Kiara My Pet Rabbit

Anyone who's been following for a while will remember that I had a rabbit called Kiara. She came from the Pets At Home adoption center and was a Xmas gift from my mum and dad. Kiara was the best gift anyone could ever get me and she filled a place in my heart and filled my life with endless love and joy.

Rabbit sleeping

Kiara was an adorable rabbit and one who brought so much love to so many people and I was so lucky to be able to be her owner and to give her that forever-loving home she'd been looking for after coming from the adoption center.

Rabbit seeing its new home

Kiara loved spending time in her pen eating her yummy veg and playing with her toys and she loved digging holes and getting endless hugs from me.

Over the last few weeks, Kiara has gotten very unwell and was sadly showing the stage of slowly giving up.

As any pet owner did I took Kiara to her vets and explained to them that she wasn't herself and etc.

Unforchently the vet said it was in her best interest to put her to sleep what were the last words I wanted to hear come from the vet I took the vet's advice and decided to put her to sleep.

This was the hardest decision I've ever had to make and it's one I never want to make again.

Knowing that Kiara has gone has broken me and knowing that she will never be coming back just doesn't feel right. I keep hoping I'm going to see her hopping around in her hutch and running around the pen but deep down I know that isn't going to happen.

I've been able to give Kiara the home she deceived and the love she always got and deceived.

Rabbit laying down in its hutch

I've been asked a few times over the last few weeks if I'll get another rabbit and the answer is no. Don't get me wrong I've loved looking after Kiara and all the other rabbits I've had before her but when you've done it for as long as I have there comes a time where enough is enough and for me, that time has come.

Having Kiara as my last pet rabbit was a gift in it self she was so cute, she got really well looked after and she was always put at the front and center of everything.

Rabbit laying outside

I'd also like to thank Kiara's vets from Vets 4 Pets for helping with this very difficult decision on what I had to make and everything else that happened that day.

Jack Deyes

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Jul 18, 2023

I'm so sorry for the loss Jack, the pain of losing a pet is heartbreaking. I've had those words said to me from a vet about my cat and they are certainly the last words any pet owner wants to hear x

Lucy |

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