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Why I think the iPad Mini 3rd Gen Is The Best

If you've been following my blog and social media pages for a while you will have noticed that I love Apple products and today we're talking about why I think the iPad Mini is the best and more. Yes I know I'm a little to do a review on the iPad Mini but here better later than never.

The Normal iPads

When it comes to the iPad most people think of the big iPads that you would normally see someone use and sometimes you will see someone having a keyboard attached to it let's be honest they are big tablets and most of the time they don't even fit in your bag.

With that said the big iPads are great for things like Facetime, watching Apple TV and other streaming platforms and for anyone who attends some kind of education then a bigger iPad may be perfect for you.

The iPad Mini

I remember when the iPad Mini first came out and I loved it because of the size, how much easier it is to fit in your hand and to be able to get a grip of the iPad. I also love how it just slides into your bag and can fit pretty much anywhere.

After having the first iPad Mini a few years later I then upgraded to the iPad Mini 3rd gen which I think is the best iPad Apple has come out with yet and it beats all the other iPad Mini they have realised by a long shot.

With the iPad Mini 3rd generation I love how you can now get a case that goes around the front and back of the case unlike before it the case would only cover the front so there wasn't much protection for the back. You would then end up going on Amazon looking for a back cover so it was just cheaper to get a case from Amazon that covers the back and front.

I love how with this iPad Mini Apple has allowed it to work with the Apple Pencle 2nd Gen and I love how it just connects on the side of your iPad so you never lose it or go looking for it in your bag. I also think this is great for anyone who takes an iPad Mini to their school, college or Uni as it's great for a note-taker.

iPad Mini also has 4 speakers which make watching movies and playing music sound amazing. I also love having USB-C as I've noticed it charges way faster.

Finger ID & Volume Keys/Buttons

Having finger ID is kinda cool but I do feel like they could have put FaceID on the iPad Mini instead yes you may say well how would they do that well it's Apple they can do anything.

Like the other iPads they had their volume keys/buttons on the side of the iPad but with the iPad Mni they are now on the top of the iPad which is fine but it can be annoying when you're watching a movie and you want to lower or turn up the volume.

Jelly Scrolling

When the iPad Mini first came out people kept saying they can see a jelly scrolling effect when they are reading blog posts, new articles and other things in the landscape. I've done some tests and I've not noticed it at all.

Center Stage

I use Zoom and FaceTime a lot for work meetings and talking with family and friends and I love centre stage because no matter where I am when I'm on a Zoom call or Facetime I'm always in the shot and if someone comes over to my screen to join on the confiscation then the iPad Mini knows and Center Stage will zoom out so we can both fit in the screen.

(This Photo Belongs To Apple)


When it comes to the screen that is 8.3 and yes it may seem small but you get used to it and if you're like me and you watch movies or YouTube videos while you work from home or in bed then the iPad Mini is the perfect size for any desk and bedside table. This is also the same for anyone who bakes the iPad Mini will sit perfectly in your kitchen while you're baking that yummy cake.

Can You Use The iPad Mini As a Laptop

The short answer is no... the reason why is that Apple didn't make the iPads to replace laptops or PCs other while Apple would have gotten rid of its iMac and Macbook lineup. With that said you can use it as a laptop that's why Apple added the keyboard to the iPad cases but at the end of the day it's still not going to beat all the laptops and PC's out there. For example, if I was to do this blog post or edit my blog on an iPad no matter if it had the iPad keyboard case the hosting platform that I use would still require me to use a laptop or some kind of desktop so no matter what you fervently can't use an iPad as a laptop.

iPad Mini Back & Front Camera

I've never taken a photo with an iPad camera and in my operations, the iPad Camera needs a lot of improvement. The front camera is great for video calls but not good for selfies so if I was you stick to the iPhone you're using.

(Photo on the left was taken on an iPhone, photo on the right was taken on an iPad Mini)


I use the mouldy tasking feature with the iPad Mini a lot exactly when I'm watching a movie and my iPhone is on charge. The iPad Mini is great for things like that.

Playing Games on The iPad Mini

Apple has a platform called Apple Aircade that is filled with millions of games just think of it like an app store but for gamers. The iPad Mini is great for games you love it.

Apple Pencil

I love using the Apple Pencil it's and the battery life is amazing and the feel of it in your hand isn't uncomfortable. The only thing I would like the Apple Pencle to have is something in it that can allow it to connect to the Find My network as I feel like for some people who are good at losing things may find this an easy accessory to lose. I also wish they'd it black as well as I feel like that would look better on some of the iPad and iPad Mini.

Does the iPad Mini Get Over Looked

Another short answer is yes... Becuse the iPad Mini is a smaller version of the iPad I think that people just assume that it's going to be rubbish and it's not really for them to some people the iPad Mini will be completely pointless but in my eyes, before you go judging the iPad Mini why not head into one of the Apple Stores near you and have a look and feel of the iPad before you go spending your hard-earned money on it after all you might end up loving the iPad Mini.

I hope you liked this iPad Mini blog post and if you are thinking about getting the iPad Mini I hope it helps. If you currently have an older iPad you can trade it into your nearest Apple Store and put the credit towards your new iPad Mini, so not only do you save money but you're also helping the planet and Apple. To find out more click/tap on the green

"Click/Tap Me" button.

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