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  • My Goals

    Get A Little Better At Managing Money I wouldn't say I'm really bad at looking after and spending money but I think it could be something that could do with a little bit of work. I'm hoping to crack down on things I spend the most money on and think of other ways I could be saving my money. Sort My Bedroom Out My bedroom is my favourite room in my house and that is because it's my place to come and do what O want from doing my work, blogging, chilling and watching some YouTube or whatever is on Netflix. It also looks just the way I want it to and well I just love my bedroom. My bedroom is organised but I feel like I could just go through a few things and see what I need and don't need and it get back on track. Get Planning For The Blog When I started blogging I had so many blog posts lined up all ready to go up every weekend and well it's safe t say I was on it. Since the Pandemic (Covid-19) jit I've been a little bit off the ball with work and stuff so I'd love to spend this month getting my blog back on track with the blog post. Get Back On Track With My Apprenterhship Without saying where I'm currently working or mentioning their name I'm currently doing an apprenticeship with the place where I work and hopefully go up the ladder. With that said over the last few weeks, there have been. a lot of things going on and well I"ve kinda left it in the background and now I'm having to play catch up. I'm hoping to get back on track this month and smash a load of work. Catch Up On Reading Them Blog Post Before life got buys at my 2 jobs and well time just flew I use to read loads of blog posts but that came to a sudden stop I'm hoping to catch up on all of my favourite bloggers. "This is a screenshot of Becca's blog has permission to use this screenshot in this blog post. If you'd like to check out Becca's blog check out the button below"

  • Things About Me

    I hope you enjoy this blog post and fingers crossed you get to know just a little bit more about me. My Pet I've got a pet rabbit called Kiara who I've had for 2-3 years now she's so incredibly cute and is much more clever than she makes out to be. I got Kiara as an X-Mas gift from my um and dad and she's the best X-Mas gift I could have ever asked for. Blogging As some of you know or to whoever may have read my blog post "I've Been Blogging For 8 Years" I've been blogging for 8 years and to this day still feels a little strange because I never thought I'd be doing it for this long. I've been asked a few times if I ever get bored of blogging and well no I love it and it's the feeling of having your place on the web that you can call you're own and interact with people from all over the world. Some people who started following my blog way back in March 2015 and still follow my blog today and I've also got some lovely blogging friends and even gotten to meet some bloggers as well hat is amazing plus met a few of my readers which is incredible. My Hobbies Apart from blogging I also love to read books "not as much as I'd like", create things for social media, work on websites, go on long walks, take photos and so much more. My Most Favourite City Out of all the cities in the world, my favourite city is London the capital city of the U.K. The reason why is that where I"m from and I'd love to go back and just live in London and just spend every day there Who Are My Favourite Bloggers Over time this has changed but the top 3 have never stopped being on my list Anna Newton "The Anna Edit" Emma Deyes "Poppy Deyes" Becca "becc4" I love all their blog posts, their blog layouts and much more also when you read their blog posts you can tell just how much they love blogging and how much it all means to them Dream Job Normally you'd only have like 1 dream job for me there is 3 Become the CEO of Apple "This will never happen in a million years" Become a full-time blogger Have my own business Hopefully, 2 or 3 will becomes happen but I'll have to wait and see. The One Thing I Love Everyone has that one thing they love and for me it's technology. I find out how things work and what different things you can do. Out of all the things there are in technology I love Apple stuff and smart-home stuff. With Apple, I love how they are making people's lives even easier without us even knowing it and how they continually come out with new things we didn't even know we needed. The same with SMart Home things my bedroom is filled with smart things from smart lights, smart plugs to a smart motion sincere and well you can just imagine what my house would be like. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and I hope you're excited about next weekend's post...

  • My Blogging Mistakes When I started Blogging

    The other night I watched a YouTube video called "Blogging Mistakes for Beginners to AVOID | Common Blogging Mistakes | By Sophia Lee" and it got me thinking about what things in my 6 years of blogging have I gotten wrong and how you could avoid making the same. • Not looking at other hosting sites | When I started my blog back in 2015 I didn't do any research about hosting sites or anything I just found WordPress and just went with them. At the time WordPress and Blogger were the 2 most popular hosting sites at the time. WordPress was great and all but whenever I did anything to my blog I always felt like something was missing and I didn't feel like I had full control of my blog. Last year someone said to me why don't you try out Wix you'll have full control and you make your blog how you want and you'll be in control. After having a look at Wix and making Jack Deyes on there I felt my passion for blogging again and I feel like I have full control of my blog and the plans are better priced as well. This is why to anyone who is thinking about starting blogging I'd recommend you have a look at other hosting sites and do your research. • Running my first blog off my old phone | Now that I think about it I can't fully understand why I thought running my blog off my phone was a good idea. Yes okay, there was an app but with an app to run your blog from you're very limited to what you can and can't do. I then saved up for a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, 2017) and it made running my blog so much easier and now I can see why so many bloggers have laptops. • Using Stock Photos | When I started blogging my blog was filled with stock photos it was okay at first until most of my blog posts just has millions of them. If possible try not to use so many stock photos and use your own. • Understanding (SEO) | It wasn't until I moved to host sites that I ended up learning and understanding what SEO is and how it works. Before I moved to host sites I didn't fully understand what SEO was I now know it involves stuff like traffic, website pages and so forth and it's not something you need to be spot on about but I think it's defiantly worth something to research about. • Not Having My Own Space | When I started blogging I'd normally just go into the back room of my hour and type up a load of blog posts now at the time that was okay but then I'd watch YouTube videos or read blog posts I'd noticed that they'd all have an office or a desk at home and they'd use it as there place to go and smash a load of blogging stuff. It wasn't until 5-6 years after blogging that I kinda got it to why some bloggers did that. This isn't me saying go out and rent an office space or order s desk but I think it's best for you to find your own little place so you're alone and have the thinking space...hopeful that all made sense haha. • Having Too Much On My Blog | To me when it comes to any kind of website or blog the last thing you want is it to be filled with loads of widgets, ads, buttons and other stuff. When I first started blogging it was filled with loads of widgets and it ended up making my blog slow and non-mobile friendly. When I moved my blog over I had this one rule and that was not to add so much to my blog and to keep it clean, tidy and easy to use. Now to me, that is what my blog is. • Feeling Like I Had To Be On It 24/7 | When I started blogging I"d spend the majority of my day on my blog doing loads of blog posts, moving everything around and so on. Down to that, I ended up making blogging feel less of a hobby and more like a thing I had to do all day and all night. After taking some time away from my blog I finally found my love for blogging again and I continue to put loads of work into my blog just like many other amazing bloggers do but just not all the time if you get what I mean. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope this blog post can help some of you avoid some of the blogging mistakes I've made. Sorry, this photo didn't have many photos...

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