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  • Goodbye Kiara My Pet Rabbit

    Anyone who's been following for a while will remember that I had a rabbit called Kiara. She came from the Pets At Home adoption center and was a Xmas gift from my mum and dad. Kiara was the best gift anyone could ever get me and she filled a place in my heart and filled my life with endless love and joy. Kiara was an adorable rabbit and one who brought so much love to so many people and I was so lucky to be able to be her owner and to give her that forever-loving home she'd been looking for after coming from the adoption center. Kiara loved spending time in her pen eating her yummy veg and playing with her toys and she loved digging holes and getting endless hugs from me. Over the last few weeks, Kiara has gotten very unwell and was sadly showing the stage of slowly giving up. As any pet owner did I took Kiara to her vets and explained to them that she wasn't herself and etc. Unforchently the vet said it was in her best interest to put her to sleep what were the last words I wanted to hear come from the vet I took the vet's advice and decided to put her to sleep. This was the hardest decision I've ever had to make and it's one I never want to make again. Knowing that Kiara has gone has broken me and knowing that she will never be coming back just doesn't feel right. I keep hoping I'm going to see her hopping around in her hutch and running around the pen but deep down I know that isn't going to happen. I've been able to give Kiara the home she deceived and the love she always got and deceived. I've been asked a few times over the last few weeks if I'll get another rabbit and the answer is no. Don't get me wrong I've loved looking after Kiara and all the other rabbits I've had before her but when you've done it for as long as I have there comes a time where enough is enough and for me, that time has come. Having Kiara as my last pet rabbit was a gift in it self she was so cute, she got really well looked after and she was always put at the front and center of everything. I'd also like to thank Kiara's vets from Vets 4 Pets for helping with this very difficult decision on what I had to make and everything else that happened that day.

  • My Minion Casetify Collection

    Anyone who knows me well enough will know how much I love minions and before anyone asks why I don't really know why I love minions I just do. A few months ago Casetify realised a Minion stuff from MagSafe wallet to Apple Watch straps and much more. When I saw Casetify tweet this co-lab calibration with Minions I just had to get it. Now I know to some people this blog post may not seem that interesting but you never know you may even find the perfect gift for someone who's a Minion fan like myself. I'd also like to mention this blog post isn't an AD or sponsored in any way. Minon Apple Wallet magnets to snap onto the back of your iPhone directly, or onto an iPhone case with MagSafe this is great for things like ID cards, hotel keys/cards and any other card that you may need Minon iPhone14 Pro Case When it comes to a phone case there isn't normally much to say about but with iPhone cases from Casetify, that is a whole different story. With the iPhone cases from Casetify, they let you choose what kind of case you'd like so for example if you are the kind of person who drops their iPhone a million times a day then the best case for you would be (Bounce Case MagSafe Compatible) The case that I got has Kevin on the back of it with a yellow background the case with eco-shock built into the case to give my iPhone that extra bit of protection. Minion Magsafe Charger The MagSafe charger is amazing and it fits perfectly on the back of my iPhone and its works really well. The charger also has the same kind of material that is on the Homepod Mini but the one thing I don't like is that the Minion that is on the Magsafe charger is faced on the table so when you go to put your iPhone on the charger you'll only see the black side. Minion AirTag Holder Just in case you're not sure what a AirTag is it's a little mini tracker that you can put on anything from door keys to bags and much more. With that, you can also get all kinds of different holders for them and one of the holders that I have got was from Casetify which has Bob on it with his favourite teddy bear on his head. Minon Airpod Pro Case When I found the AirPod Pro case as part of the collection I just had to get the case fits perfectly and you're also able to charge the AirPods Pro via the Magsafe Charger. The only thing I don't like about the case is you can see air bubbles which are annoying at first. Minon Apple Watch Strap The watch strap looks awesome and feels very comfortable and looks even better when you have a mini watch face to go with it. This watch strap is by far one of my favourites. To have a look at all their other Minion stuff tap/click on the button below I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope you're all looking forward to the next one please make sure to check the Casetify website.

  • What I Got My Mum For Her Birthday

    Last week was my mum's birthday, and she had a fantastic day. Before anyone thinks this blog post is based n what she did for her birthday, I'm sorry to disappoint you. It's not. As it says in the title, this is all based on the one thing I got her for their special day,, and she loved it. So with all that said, let's get right into it, shall we? For my mum's birthday, I got her a Lush bath boom gift box filled with many lovely impressive booms; as expected, they all smelled lush and looked incredible. I got my mum the Mum's Bathtime Favrouate collection, and as I said, it smelled lush,, and they all look so cool... This one is called "Sleepy" and has sweet lavender inside it. What you do with one is crumble it under the tap. This will help you relaxes after a long hard day at work and help you get ready for bed. This one is called "The Comforter", a bubble bar that looks so cool. I love how it looks. This has got berry fruity bit's inside,, and Lush describes this as "berry heaven" You can feel this work immediately; it whishes your hair well and helps you destress. This one I love looking at it. Now this one is a limited edition one, and it's called the "Atom Heart Mother" bath bomb; what you do with one is fill the bath up and just drop this in it and watch the magic come alive. This one is called the "Tea Party", and it's also another limited-edition bath bomb. It makes your bath water look all pink and smooth. This one is called "Jasmin" and is another limited edition bath bomb; you use this one to fill the bath up and drop the flower into the tub, sink and watch it fizz into a scented relaxation. This is also another great one to use when you come home from a stressful night's sleep or try to relax before you head to bed. This one is called "Twilight" and it's one of Luch's best-seller bath bombs, so if you like the look of this one, I recommend you get it while you can. As you can tell with this one, you fill-up the bath, get in and put the bath bomb in. Twilight will then help you relax and get a good night's sleep. I'm not sure what happened to its eye, this one looks cute, but it generally looks fantastic and pretty in the shop and on the Lush website. You can adequately guess what this one is called, and in case you don't, it's called "Avo Cuddle" Now, this one is almost part of the limited edition bubble bar. You use this one because you crumble it under running water, and it will smell amazing and make your skin soft. This one belongs in the pouch, which I never knew until my mum told me. This one is called the "Deep Sleep" bath bomb you use because this one helps you switch off and relax and smells incredible. This one confused me a little because it looked like nothing on the website, but this one, according to Lush, is "Brightside" Now, this one you crumble into the bath for that magical fluffy, bubble sunset weather.. (This is a limited edition, so it may not be available when you go online) (Disclaimer: This blog post isn't an AD or sponsored)

  • Flaming-Go Café

    A few weeks ago, I went to Flaming-Go Café, which is an amazing little place to take some great photos and is a great Instagram spot; the place looks amazing. When you walk in, you are greeted by someone at the desk who takes you to your table; now I arrived, I thought we'd be waiting for a few minutes because that is what normally happens but no Flaming-Go Café proved me wrong; we got sat at our table in a matter of seconds. This place isn't just great for getting photos on Instagram but also a great place to take your family, even the little ones. They have a normal menu and a mini one for the kids that's got a flamingo on the back of it for them to colure in plus, they get given a little tin of craons so while we wait for our food. Since I've got the iPhone14 Pro, I've not had much chance to play with the camera and push it to the max but while waiting for my food, I thought now would be the perfect time to push the Pro to its limit. Apart from the photos you've seen already, the others you will see while you continue reading and scrolling down are some of the photos I managed to get. After going crazy with taking photos, our food arrived, and it looked amazing. I had the Wagyu Burger with beef patty, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, emmental cheese, caramelised onions and brenda’s special burger sauce, served in a seeded brioche bun and fries. I also had a caramel latte which tasted amazing and I also tried their chocolate, benna pancake chocolate sauce and white sugar, which also tasted incredible. The wait wasn't that long, not as I expected it to be This place was amazing and I'd defiantly go back. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for someone where new check out. I've also left their social media links below and their website for anyone who may want to check them out - -

  • 8 Years Of Blogging

    How It All Started Every year feels like an absolute shock and now I've hit 8 years of blogging which feels unbelievable to hit. I started this blog with no idea of what I was doing and I didn't fully know what a blog was back then. I first came across a few lifestyle and baking blog posts. After a few months of reading them, I soon found some blogs I loved and the 2 bloggers who stood out the most to me were Becca and Jasmin. They are both so kind and their blogs are amazing. After reading a few blogs I went to visit my friend and mentioned to her that I'm considering starting my own blog but I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to be calling it let alone what subject I was going to be relating it to. Me and my friend were thinking of what to call it and what it should be based on I then decided to it call Jack Deyes and have it based on lifestyle. I then had to work out how to make a blog, find out what a domain was and finger out what plan I needed. I then did some research on finding out the best platform for making a blog. I came across WordPress which I was already a little familiar with but not that much. I then spent the first few weeks or so making my blog and getting it to how I wanted it. After that, I then got my blog out there making blog posts and also keeping it as my little secret what now seems kinda strange but back then and now it's still strange to me know that there are people out there like family and friends reading my blog and to anyone who has a blog will fully understand this. A Few Years Later After I got my second job a few months later I stayed up until I got paid that night and then purchased my first domain this may sound silly but I was so happy and excited about reaching this part of my blog. I then contacted Beevine Art asking them to make me a logo for which I still love. After being with WordPress for a few years I then decided to leave WordPress and move over to Wix for a number of reasons one of them reasons was that they were putting their plan and domain prices up and I didn't feel like I had full control of my blog After moving my blog to Wix I then made my blog from scratch with a whole new layout and feel to it and I even managed to save some of my blog posts from when everything was getting transferred over but not everything that I was kinda gutted about. Others Bloggers I've been so lucky to have met some incredible bloggers from Southampton some of them I still talk to and then I loved being a part of that group. I've also been able to help other bloggers who are new to the blogging community giving them advice and tips towards blogging. The blogging community has changed a lot over the last 8 years but is still powerful as ever. Working With Brands When it comes to working with brands some of them have come to me asking me to make a sponsored/AD blog post which has been amazing to do and build a relationship with some amazing companies. Other brands I've worked with I've just emailed to help them out or becuse I love their brand so much. Also, I've made a page on my blog called "Supporting Small Businesses" I started this page back when the pandemic kicked off to help small businesses in the U.K. I then decided to bring it back a few months ago and open it up to small businesses all over the world. I know to some people it may not sound much but at least it's helping them to a degree and I can't wait to add even more. {-} Teaming Up With My Favouirt Bogger A very long time ago I got in contact with one of my favourite bloggers of all time and that was Anna Newton or as some of you may know her "The Anna Edit". Anna realised a book called An Edited Life and it's based on how to keep your life and your work life organised and all that kind of stuff. When I got my book I went over to Anna's Twitter page and asked her PR team if I could make a book review based on her book and Anna. After emailing them back and forth they gave me the green light to make the blog post and out of everything I've done a blog post about that one will always be my favourite blog post. Things That I've Learnt In Blogging In my 8 years of blogging, I've had a few things to deal with and work out so I've made a list below that I hope will help you all out. You don't have to copy other bloggers - When it comes to you starting a blog you'd need to be like all them bloggers. Stand and do your own thing. You don't have to stick to schedule - When I started blogging I was trying to get a blog post up every weekend for 5PM. When I didn't manage to do that for that set week I felt like I failed to a degree until I realised this whole blogging thing is my hobby not a job even though I'd love it to be. When you start a blog don't feel like you have to do something when you don't have to and in the end, you're the boss no one else. Do your research - When you're considering starting a blog don't just jump in do your research first Reach out to other bloggers - Everyone needs some now and then and that goes for new bloggers and other bloggers who have been doing this for years. You need help reaching out to another blogger at the end of the day we're a blogging community so we're here to help one another. Ignore the haters - Now this may never happen to you and I hope it never does but if you do come across anyone who is being a hater or telling you that you'll never make it as a blogger or anything just ignore it and use it as the fire to continue doing what you want to do at the end of the day you want to prove them wrong right? Think of a new for your blog that people will remember & easy to spell - You don't have to do this after all it's your blog so you can do whatever you want but the one thing I read in a blog post before I started was think of a new that people ca remember how to spell and easy for them to spell. It's going to take time - When you start blogging don't think it's going to grow overnight or you're going to get millions of readers within a week. Things like views and gaining a following base and getting readers will happen over time. Don't give up - This doesn't happen often but I've seen it a few times when you have a low moment or nothing seems to be going right on your blog just go with the flow at the end of the day your going to deal with some hurdles and as you do in everyday life just jump over them and keep focusing on your goal or whatever it is you have set in front of you. Plan ahead- When I've got to make a blog post I get my {-} notepad out what has {-} on it and it's so useful to keep on top of the blog I'm working on. I got mine from {-} Re-read before hitting that publish/post button - Before you post your blog posts just take a few minutes before you publish it and read over it all just in case you've spelt something wrong or to add something like some text or photo It's okay to use stock photos & gifs but - When it comes to using stock photos and gifs it's okay to use them but don't go fully religious on it after all a blog should really have your photos init after all it's your blog and your followers want to see your work. Get an email set up - When I started blogging I didn't really think having an email address was that important I just thought people who needed to contact me regarding my blog would just use my social media. Then I noticed a lot of bloggers had an email address so you can all imagine what I did... The other thing I'd recommend is to try and keep up to date with it Thank You I'd also like to thank you the readers for the love and support that you've all shown me and my blog over the last 8 years. Hitting 8 years wouldn't have been possible without every single one of you and hope you continue to follow the blog and continue this journey with me.

  • Twitter...What's Going On

    Anyone who's been following Elon Musk on Twitter, being very active on Twitter or keeping up with Twitter in the news will have known that Twitter has had a lot of changes over the last few weeks and months. Now before we go deep into this let's rewind the clock back to how all this started. Before Elon became the CEO and proud owner of Twitter there was a little back and forth about how much was going to be on the table and if Twitter would even consider handing the company over to Elon. After a long game of back and forth Twitter and Elon finally made a deal and Elon became the new owner and CEO of Twitter. According to The New York Times, Elon offered Twitter $44 Million. The moment Twitter and Elon signed the dotted line Elon became the new CEO and he didn't walk into his new business quietly. He walked into Twitter HQ with a skink saying and later on tweeted "let that sink in" along with that he also decided to lay off around (3,700) members of his staff according to TechCrunch. Now before he kicked them all off, he didn't let's say "do it the way you are meant to do it" instead he deactivated their work laptops, closed down their work accounts and couldn't enter Twitter HQ so all the staff members who thought they had a job suddenly lost it overnight. A few weeks later Elon did what every business owner would do find a way to make money and he had to make it fast after all he did spend $44 million plus Twitter was losing millions of dollars which isn't good for a person who owns other business like Tesla and Space-X. At this time Twitter was also losing millions of advertisers which was also not great for Twitter at the time. With all this happening on Twitter Elon and his team were thinking of new ideas, what to remove, add and change to the platform. Some of the changes that Elon and the team at Twitter were very welcoming to Twitter users such as removing fake and any boot accounts that were flooding Twitter and a few other things. With that said there has also been a few things that Elon and Twitter have changed on Twitter that some users didn't like the idea of and one was not allowing Twitter users to advertise their other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many more. You may think that's fine just to make a Linktree page or something like that but no that wasn't allowed and for bloggers like myself, businesses, online content creators, and organizations this isn't good. Twitter has also had a lot of media attention in the news, papers, news articles and news apps but along with this came Apple's CEO Tim Cook who was concerned about the Twitter App being on the iOS App Store. When it comes to apps being on Apple's app store they have to go through some checks and rules before Apple gave them the go-ahead to add them to the app store. With the changes that Elon was making to the app. Apple became very worried and was in a debate about removing the Twitter app and taking it down completely. For Twitter, this wasn't great for a number of reasons one Apple have millions of customers who are on iOS so for Twitter, that means they will have millions of Twitter users not using their app if Apple was to take the app off the app store that would affect Twitter, not in a big way but it would affect them to a degree plus Twitter was in a debate with one of the most popular companies I the world. After a few weeks or so Tim Cook (Apple CEO) invited Elon Musk (Twitter CEO) to Apple Park where they both talked about Twitter. No one really knows what has been said apart from Tim and Elon because as you know when it comes to Apple everything is very well hidden. Whatever was discussed must have been good because Apple has kept the Twitter app in the App Store and has backed off Twitter for now. One all the stuff with Apple, media and Twitter users getting used to the fact that Elon was now the owner Elon decided to do something else on Twitter that got a very big mixed reaction and two didn't really go to all Do any of you remember way back before Elon took over Twitter when the social media platform extended the charter limit and then the users wanted an edit button? Well from what I cloud tell back then they added the edit button for Twitter Blue now this was the one that Twitter was building and testing in places like the United States before rolling it out fully to other countries like the U.K. When it came to *Twitter Blue Elon Musk hasn't been as much of a success then people thought and like I said it didn't really go to plan. The one main thing that pops out with Twitter Blue is getting that blue checkmark next to your name which was for people and accounts such as celebrities, public figures, news originations and things like that before if you wanted a blue checkmark next to your name you would have to fill out the application form and wait a few days to hear back from Twitter if you got approved or not. Now get a Bluetick next to your name you'd have to join and pay for Twitter Blue but apart from the blue tick there are a few other things you get such as Blue check mark | You only get this if you have a verified phone number, and your account Twitter's staff verify that they're not impersonating another person and that you are a real person/human and not a robot See fewer ads | see 50% fewer ads [coming soon] Post longer videos | You'll finally be able to post longer videos to Twitter All the existing Blue features | Edit tweet, 1080p video uploads, reader, custom navigation, bookmarks, top articles and more Get early access | Get early access to selected new features with Twitter Blue Lab NTF Profile picture A better news reading experience | Discover relevant news, enjoy articles without ADs and support the sites you like to read Early access to selected new features | Explore selected new Twitter features including Twitter Blue Lab The price for this on iOS isn't cheap and will cost you £11.00 per month in the U.K but for desktop, it will cost you £7.00 per month or £84.00 per year. Some of the features that I've mentioned above may seem good to you and for others absolutely no good at all. Of course, people are going to have their own thoughts on this and everyone is entitled to that. In my eyes. Twitter Blue is for people like bloggers, YouTube, video creators, online content creators and for Twitter users who are continuously active on the social media site but when it comes to the blue check mark I believe that it should only really be for bloggers like myself, YouTubers, famous people and etc I don't agree that just anyone can get the blue checkmark. I think Twitter Blue is great but like I said only if you're active on the site a lot and end up using all the features that are currently available on Twitter Blue and the ones that are due to come sometime in the future. For Twitter and Elon I hope Twitter continues to be a success and I hope Twitter Blue will too but I can see a lot of people leaving Twitter over a number of things even more now that Elon and Twitter have removed the text message security things. I hope they bring that back sometime soon... Have you heard that Meta is planning on bringing its own version of Twitter Blue to Facebook and Instagram I hope you all enjoyed reading this week's blog post and I hope you're looking forward to the next one. As always thank you for your continued support you me and my blog over the last 7 years. Before we end this week's blog post I just want to mention that the comment boxes have been turned on so now you're able to leave a comment below every blog post. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and are ready for next week's blog post

  • Why I think the iPad Mini 3rd Gen Is The Best

    If you've been following my blog and social media pages for a while you will have noticed that I love Apple products and today we're talking about why I think the iPad Mini is the best and more. Yes I know I'm a little to do a review on the iPad Mini but here better later than never. The Normal iPads When it comes to the iPad most people think of the big iPads that you would normally see someone use and sometimes you will see someone having a keyboard attached to it let's be honest they are big tablets and most of the time they don't even fit in your bag. With that said the big iPads are great for things like Facetime, watching Apple TV and other streaming platforms and for anyone who attends some kind of education then a bigger iPad may be perfect for you. The iPad Mini I remember when the iPad Mini first came out and I loved it because of the size, how much easier it is to fit in your hand and to be able to get a grip of the iPad. I also love how it just slides into your bag and can fit pretty much anywhere. After having the first iPad Mini a few years later I then upgraded to the iPad Mini 3rd gen which I think is the best iPad Apple has come out with yet and it beats all the other iPad Mini they have realised by a long shot. With the iPad Mini 3rd generation I love how you can now get a case that goes around the front and back of the case unlike before it the case would only cover the front so there wasn't much protection for the back. You would then end up going on Amazon looking for a back cover so it was just cheaper to get a case from Amazon that covers the back and front. I love how with this iPad Mini Apple has allowed it to work with the Apple Pencle 2nd Gen and I love how it just connects on the side of your iPad so you never lose it or go looking for it in your bag. I also think this is great for anyone who takes an iPad Mini to their school, college or Uni as it's great for a note-taker. iPad Mini also has 4 speakers which make watching movies and playing music sound amazing. I also love having USB-C as I've noticed it charges way faster. Finger ID & Volume Keys/Buttons Having finger ID is kinda cool but I do feel like they could have put FaceID on the iPad Mini instead yes you may say well how would they do that well it's Apple they can do anything. Like the other iPads they had their volume keys/buttons on the side of the iPad but with the iPad Mni they are now on the top of the iPad which is fine but it can be annoying when you're watching a movie and you want to lower or turn up the volume. Jelly Scrolling When the iPad Mini first came out people kept saying they can see a jelly scrolling effect when they are reading blog posts, new articles and other things in the landscape. I've done some tests and I've not noticed it at all. Center Stage I use Zoom and FaceTime a lot for work meetings and talking with family and friends and I love centre stage because no matter where I am when I'm on a Zoom call or Facetime I'm always in the shot and if someone comes over to my screen to join on the confiscation then the iPad Mini knows and Center Stage will zoom out so we can both fit in the screen. (This Photo Belongs To Apple) Screensize When it comes to the screen that is 8.3 and yes it may seem small but you get used to it and if you're like me and you watch movies or YouTube videos while you work from home or in bed then the iPad Mini is the perfect size for any desk and bedside table. This is also the same for anyone who bakes the iPad Mini will sit perfectly in your kitchen while you're baking that yummy cake. Can You Use The iPad Mini As a Laptop The short answer is no... the reason why is that Apple didn't make the iPads to replace laptops or PCs other while Apple would have gotten rid of its iMac and Macbook lineup. With that said you can use it as a laptop that's why Apple added the keyboard to the iPad cases but at the end of the day it's still not going to beat all the laptops and PC's out there. For example, if I was to do this blog post or edit my blog on an iPad no matter if it had the iPad keyboard case the hosting platform that I use would still require me to use a laptop or some kind of desktop so no matter what you fervently can't use an iPad as a laptop. iPad Mini Back & Front Camera I've never taken a photo with an iPad camera and in my operations, the iPad Camera needs a lot of improvement. The front camera is great for video calls but not good for selfies so if I was you stick to the iPhone you're using. (Photo on the left was taken on an iPhone, photo on the right was taken on an iPad Mini) Multitasking I use the mouldy tasking feature with the iPad Mini a lot exactly when I'm watching a movie and my iPhone is on charge. The iPad Mini is great for things like that. Playing Games on The iPad Mini Apple has a platform called Apple Aircade that is filled with millions of games just think of it like an app store but for gamers. The iPad Mini is great for games you love it. Apple Pencil I love using the Apple Pencil it's and the battery life is amazing and the feel of it in your hand isn't uncomfortable. The only thing I would like the Apple Pencle to have is something in it that can allow it to connect to the Find My network as I feel like for some people who are good at losing things may find this an easy accessory to lose. I also wish they'd it black as well as I feel like that would look better on some of the iPad and iPad Mini. Does the iPad Mini Get Over Looked Another short answer is yes... Becuse the iPad Mini is a smaller version of the iPad I think that people just assume that it's going to be rubbish and it's not really for them to some people the iPad Mini will be completely pointless but in my eyes, before you go judging the iPad Mini why not head into one of the Apple Stores near you and have a look and feel of the iPad before you go spending your hard-earned money on it after all you might end up loving the iPad Mini. I hope you liked this iPad Mini blog post and if you are thinking about getting the iPad Mini I hope it helps. If you currently have an older iPad you can trade it into your nearest Apple Store and put the credit towards your new iPad Mini, so not only do you save money but you're also helping the planet and Apple. To find out more click/tap on the green "Click/Tap Me" button.

  • Why I'm Not Getting The Apple Watch S8/Ultra

    To anyone who's into Apple-like myself, you will know that Apple releases a new Apple Watch every year. Every watch they realise in my eyes always looks amazing and has loads of new things that really keep Apple ahead of the smartwatch game. This year when Apple realised the Apple Watch S8 I thought they would have added way more things new things but I feel like this year Apple let itself down with the new Apple Watch S8. Now don't get me wrong when Apple realised the new watch is a little 50/50 on making my mind up if I was going to get it or not. At that time the only thing that set me off getting the S8 watch was the colures but I thought maybe if I go to the Apple Store I might change my mind and it a little bit until I went home and went on to the Apple website, do some research and watch some YouTube videos about it and after all that I made my mind up and decided not to go for it. Apple Watch S7/S8 There will be other features that the Apple Watch S8 has that the Apple Watch S7 will not have but it's nothing that really jumps out to me Apple Watch Ultra Apple realised the all-new Apple Watch Ultra is the first one Apple has ever realised it's an amazing watch and it's not like your normal Apple Watch. I went to the Southampton Apple Store to have a look at the Apple Watch Ultra and it is way too big for my wrist and would just look silly plus I have straps/bands for the Apple Watch S7. The Apple Watch Ultra is not made for the everyday person it's made more people who go deep diving, rock climbing, swimming, hiking and things like that plus the battery life is amazing and so far people have been able to get around about 2 days out of the watch all from one charge. Also unlike your everyday Apple Watch the Apple Watch Ultra automatically get cellular and a load of amazing features such as... All-day battery life (2-Days) It's hard to break Crash detection Sireon that that people can from far away Night mode Low-power mode (I've heard that some people think that the low power mof=de is only on the Apple Watch Ultra. It's not it's on all of them you need to know where to find it) Great for people who do deep diving Running Outdoor climbing and walking People who travel a lot That are just some of the teachers that the new Apple Watch Ultra has and to anyone who would like to find out more about the Apple Watch Ultra then I recommend you head to the Apple website because they go deep into it When it comes to all-day battery life is good but I manage to get at least 2 days out of my Apple Watch S7 and I do all kinds of things with my Apple Watch S7 from workouts on Apple Fitness Plus, Maps, Apple Pay, Text, Call, Track my sleeping, Connect my AirPods to it, Use the apps on there as well like the health app, bus app, banking app and I also sometimes control my home from my Apple Watch and use Siri. Now I'm not saying I use all this in one day every day but it's safe to say that for me the Apple Watch Ultra being able to get at least 2 days out of it isn't much to me especially when I can get the same amount of a battery that is now 1 year old. In my opinion, if you've got the Apple Watch S7 then I wouldn't bother upgrading to the Apple Watch S8. Instead, I'd wait for the S9 to come out and you never know there may be some new feathers that are worth upgrading for. If you have the S6 or S7 and you do a lot of sports, travel or something like that then I'd recommend you look into getting the Apple Watch Ultra but I'd do some more research before you go getting it and also try it on in the Apple Store as well before you get it as they only have a big size. To find out more about the Apple Watch S8 & Apple Watch Ultra click on the buttons below

  • Welcome Back & Hello 2023

    I hope everyone had an amazing Chrimas and Happy New Year to you all and I hope everyone is ready for 2023. I'd also like to add that I hope 2023 brings an end to the war that is still going on in Ukraine and that my love continues to go out to them all. This week's blog post is all based on a loaded of different things from 2022 and some of my goals for 2023. The Blog This year for me will officially be my 8th year blogging and having when we start going into March. Now that I'm sitting here thinking about it that seems crazy. I'm also planning on doing a blog post based on 2 amazing bloggers who are constantly supporting so many amazing bloggers. I'm also planning on bringing back the support small business page and some new business to it so get ready for that. This isn't going to happen for sure yet but I'll also be looking at the blog to see how I can make the look even better that could anything from removing a few or adding something so keep an eye out for that one just in case it does happen. Read More Books In my bedroom, I have a load of books some on my desk and some in my cupboard but like many other people I get a book think I'll read it and then it will be sat in a bag for weeks and months on end or just sit with the rest of my books just clocking dust so this year I want to get back to reading again. Make A New Pen For My Rabbit My rabbit Kiara once had an out rabbit pen that she loved to spend all in running around and enjoying the sun. Due to the bad weather, it ended up making the legs of the pen bend and unsafe for Kiara to be in. Luckily, I have a backup pen for her but I'd love to make her a new pen with a tooth cover over it so she can come no matter what the weather is. Get A Little Better With Money I'm bad with money but in my eyes, there is no such thing s getting better with how we manage it and spend it. I'm planning on setting up a few goals for me to achieve this and also see how much I can save every month for a rainy day. Keep On Top Of My Bedroom Everyone has that one room in their house that is there most favourite room and for me, that is my bedroom. My bedroom is my space and it's where I get a lot of work done not only for my blog but also for an organisation that I help and support. You may be wondering what I mean by "keep on top of my bedroom" and what I mean by that is keeping it clean and tidy. I'm not one of them people where the bedroom can get so messy to the point you can't see the floor it's more of in case of just putting things anywhere achingly out them back in the right place kind of thing. Do A Social Media Course I'm a social media manager for an organization and even though I know stuff about social media in my eyes you can never know too much of something to make you that bit better than you were before plus you may even get to learn something you didn't know. Keep On Top Of The Blog As many bloggers know when life gets busy and you don't have enough time on your hand's blogging can sometimes take a backseat and sometimes it can go from weeks to months until you have some free time and relies on what you haven't done a blog post in a while. I'm not saying that 2023 will be the year where I'm on it 24/7 but I'm hoping this year I can be on top of my blog a little more than I was in 2022. In 2022 I still did blog posts but just not as many as I'd like and in my drafts, I have about 15 blog posts that are partly finished or I've just not even started so fingers crossed this can be the year where that comes to an end and hopefully be the year where I keep to the blog post schedule where you'll have one out ready for you to read every weekend. Apple Fitness Plus I'm one of the people who have Apple Fitness Plus and to be honest, it's really good and it's really good for people who are always trying to close their rings and keep their arrows up. Until Apple Fitness Plus came along you'd never find it in a gym because there are way too many people. When Apple realised Apple Fitness Plus I was using it 2 - 3 times a month but over the last few months I've just slacked and stopped. I want 2023 to be the year where I get back on Apple Fitness Plus and continue closing the rings and beating the arrow numbers from 2022. Read More Blog Posts I'm not saying that I don't read any blog posts becuse I do read some but just not as many as I use to. This year I'm hoping to get back on track and catch up on the blog posts I've missed and hopefully find some new blogs to check out. Add Different Topics To The Blog The one thing I love the most about blogging is that when it comes to having a blog is that you can have a blog based on as many subjects as you like. The sky is the limit. 2023 is the year where I'm hoping to find even more subjects to blog about. Improve My Sleep In 2022 I was going through the struggle of wearing my Apple Watch to bed but I slowly got out of it after doing it for a few months. Over the last few months my sleeping habit hasn't been great and getting to sleep hasn't been that great due to this I'm wearing my watch to bed so I'm hoping this will help my sleep improve to a degree. Get Back To Posting On Instagram I do post on Instagram but just not as much as I'd like this year I'm planning to change that and get back to how often I used to post. Don't worry I won't be spamming your feed. I hope you enjoyed the first blog post of 2023 and I hope you're all looking forward to the next one. Please remember to check out Saph's blog and her Twitter pages Me and Saph- have also made a Twitter Community for bloggers so if you're a blogger and you use Twitter then please feel free to join we'd love to have you as a member. Click/tap on the image below to find out more.

  • What I Got For X-Mas & My 2022

    This is a 2 - in - 1 blog post and it's also the last blog post of 2022. I thought I's start this blog with how my 2022 is and also give me a chance to thank you all my blog readers. My 2022 2022 has been amazing the charity I work with will be continuing for another 3 years which for me was one of the highlights for 2022 because the charity means the world to me and so does everyone who helps and support the charity from the governing body to the volunteers. I got to meet the SuperVet in Southampton now to me this vet is an amazing man and the passion he has for animals is incredible I find his work amazing. I also got to meet some amazing people who I now class as some of my friends and on the subject of friends, I got back in contact with an old friend who I haven't spoken to in a while and we've both decided to stay in contact with what is lovely. I and my partner spent our first official X-Mas together which was lovely we had an amazing X-Mas and I hope everyone reading this did too. What I Got For X-Mas Every year for X-Mas I have a Toblerone and yes it's my favourite chocolate this year I got the gold one and it's so yummy I got some Costa Coffee dusting set that I love becuse well in case you didn't notice love Costa Coffee I'm not a Star Wars fan but I do think this little guy is funny and he's my favourite one in Star Wars Stitch well he's just cute and funny...may I say no more One of my friends got me this little coffee dusting set that I also love plus a coffee coffee template but the camera woudent focus on it I have a Nitendon Switch and my partner got me this Minon case what I love Jack Wills is one of my favourite brands ans my partner got me this lovely Jack Wills set My partners mum got me this cute little Minin clock what I love becuse it's Minions My mum made me this lovely gift of a lock with a picture of me and my partner in it My mum also made me this hot water bottle cover what I love I think it looks amazing My mum also made me this X-Mas Minion tin what I just love and it looks awsome I also got this Elephant water fechter what sounds so peaceful I absolutely love this Last year I wanted one of these cups but I wasn't able to have one duew them being sold out but this year I got one and I love it also this is a great size cup for a nice cup of coffee. I'd also like to thank all of you for all the support that myself and my bog has recived from you all this year. My blog wouden't be here if it wasn't thanks to all of you. I hope you all had a great X-Mas and Happy New Year. The first blog post for 2023 will on the 14th January at 5PM U.K. time

  • My X-Mas Wish List - 2022

    Every year making this blog post gets more harder every year and I feel like the older you get the question of "what would you like for Chrimas" gets more challenging but hopefully to anyone who would like to get me a gift this Chrimas then this blog post will help... hopefully Apple As I said in my birthday wish list blog post "My Birthday Wish List | 2022" I've got all I need regarding Apple and don't get me wrong there are a few things I'd love like the new Macbook or the Apple Watch Ulcer but let's be honest the new Macbook costs way too much money and with everything going up at the moment getting a new Macbook is the last thing on my list. The Apple Watch Ulcer it's an amazing watch it looks incredible but it's not made for me it's made for people who spend loads of time outdoors, swimming and all that kind of thing so I think I'll stay with my Apple Watch S7 for now. For me, the best thing for me would be an Apple GIft-Card for someone like me who is a big fan of Apple this would be one of the best things you could get for an Apple fan. Smart Home When I say "Smart Home" I mean more things like "Smart Room" now my bedroom has a smart light, smart plugs, smart lamp, motion sensor, smart strips and smart climate temperature, humidity and air quality reader sensor. In my eyes smart home accessories are endless so smart accessories would be perfect. Apple Watch Bands/Straps Now I have loads of Apple bands some from Apple and a few from some 3rd party companies. The one thing I love about the Apple Watch is that you can get many different bands and show off the one you love. Coffee Pods Yes I know adding this to a wish list is a little odd but with the Tassimo Coffee Machine, I have you're able to get loads of different pods and Amazon has loads that you couldn't get inside the U.K. retail store I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post and I can't wait for you all to read the next blog post after X-Mas. I hope everyone has an amazing X-Mas

  • The iPhone14 Pro Review

    Just like many others who pre-ordered the iPhone 14 Pro, I was one of them and unlike the other iPhones Apple realised this iPhone to me was an upgrade because normal when Apple bring out iPhone I just get the everyday iPhone but this year I thought I'd upgraded to the Pro model and just see how good it is. One of the new things that have come to the iPhone Pro is the "Dynamic Island" which has made the notch on the iPhone just that little better. With "Dynamic Island" you can interact with apps while being in another. The apps that work with Dynamic Island are Face ID Apple Music/Spotify Timer Phone calls/incoming calls When you put your phone to silent or loud When you put your phone on charge When the battery is running low When Power Saving Mod is on Hopefully, 3rd party apps will be coming to Dynamic Island soon The other new thing that has come to the iPhone 14 Pro is the "always-on-display" that according to some people is training the battery life which is something I'm not seeing. I've also heard from a few people that they can see it at night when they go to sleep. There is a way to stop this from happening all you need to do is head to "focus" and then tap on sleep and then set it to when you go to bed and it will automatically turn the sleep focus on. Once that is done the screen will turn off and help you sleep. This isn't that new to an iPhone Pro but this year the iPhone Pro has "A display that’s up to 2x brighter in the sun." that helps you look at your phone when you're out and about what I think is helpful if you're trying to read a text or trying to follow directions on Apple Maps Apple has realised one feature that Apple hopes you never have to use and that is Crash Detection. This is great for any who drives or maybe is on some kind of public transport or Uber. If for some reason this feature did get triggered due to someone having a crash it will pop up and start calling the 999/911 and will also send notifications to your emergency contacts telling them you've been in a crash and so forth. Now I've not tested this out of course but if you tap on the button below it will send you to a YouTube video from Apple For me to stay the camera is better than last year's iPhone Pro isn't going to be that easy as this is my first iPhone Pro but from what I can tell from the camera this is amazing and the best camera on iPhone yet that I can tell. The camera has 48 megapixels can do — delivering 4x the resolution in ProRAW and making the photos look incredible (Photos belong to Pros About The iPhone 14Pro Always on display | I'm used to the new always-on-display due to my Apple Watch having it but when I watched the Apple Event when they mentioned the always-on-display I thought it might distract me or something like that but I used it very quickly and I love the always-on-display. It's also really useful for anyone who has widgets on the lock screen. Dynamic Island | When it came to Apple releasing the dynamic island I wasn't too sure if I'd like it and if I'd use it that often. As you can probably guess I use it all the time and it comes in really useful when I'm on the bus playing music or if someone calls me and I'm in the middle of doing something else in another app. The outstanding camera | I use the iPhone camera a lot and the camera was the one main reason why I got the Pro model iPhone. You're someone like myself who has had the normal iPhone like iPhoneX, 11, 12 and so on then moving from that to a Pro model is a big leap and trust me you notice the difference before you've even taken the photo. Cons About The iPhone 14Pro The size of the camera | The camera size from the iPhone13 Pro to the iPhone14 Pro is much bigger which you do notice when you take it out of the box. Permission to "Copy & Paste" | This isn't just for the Pro models but one thing that I have noticed is that when you go to copy and paste something from one app to another you have this little pop-up asking for your permission to copy and paste something that is in my eyes annoying and to me having this popping up every time is annoying because it's just something we don't need and I believe it's something Apple need to get rid of. Why Did I Pick The iPhone14 Pro? I've never had a Pro phone before as you can tell from this blog post now the reason why I got the iPhone14 Pro is for the camera, the Dynamic Island and because when I upgraded my phone from the iPhone12 I didn't want it to just feel like I was just getting the same phone but with 1 or 2 new things added to it. Why Did I Not Get The iPhone14 Pro Max? iPhone Pro Max looks amazing but in my eyes, it's a little too big and to be fair there isn't that much difference between the iPhone14 Pro and the iPhone14 Pro Max.

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