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All About Becca

I’ve done a few blog posts about a group of bloggers called Bloggers Blog and I’ve also done a blog post based on blogger and well this time the blog post is about Becca and her blog.


Jack Deyes has permission to use this photo

Becca is a U.K lifestyle blogger from Southampton and started her blog back in January 2018.

I was lucky to meet Becca back in 2019 when we both attended a Southampton Bloggers event at Stakks.

Becca is an incredible person and made me feel a part of the group. She’s so kind to everyone and also has a very sweet little doggie.

Apart from blogging Becca also enjoys going out to eat, swimming in the sea, and drinking Pornstar Martinis with friends.



As I said Becca has been blogging since January 2018 and well there are so many amazing blog posts to read. Apart from that Becca also blogs about a number of different things from Lifestyle to food and more.

Becca’s blog looks amazing and you can tell just by looking at her blog and read her posts how much hard work she puts into it. Becca is an incredible blogger and I’m sure you enjoy her blog posts just like I do.



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