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My New Goals For 2022

Welcome back to the blog I hope everyone had a lovely X-Mas, a great start to 2022 and everyone is well. This weeks blog post is a short one and I hope you all like it.

My Goals For 2022

  1. To complete my apprenticeship | For almost a year now I've been doing an apprenticeship so I can move up the ladder and more things to add to my CV.

2. Stay more organised | In 2021 I wasn't that organised then I normally am so I'm taking this year to get back on track

3. Get back to blogging | In 2021 I put blogging to one side but this year I'm getting my blog back on track and getting even more blog posts done

4. Be better with my money | When it comes to money I'm not that bad at it but I feel like it could do with some work so fingers crossed 2022 will help me with that

5. Compleat my room set-up | In 2019 I started to change my room around but then we had COVID-19 so that kind of stopped due to me being needed at work more than ever and everything stopping in the U.K. I'm hoping this year I can continue with setting up my room and giving it a new look

6, Support More Bloggers | At the bigging of the pandemic, I thought this would be the time we see a lot of people trying something new, finding a hobby or something. Instead of that, I ended up being completely wrong and instead the blogging community came to some kind of stop.

I'm hoping that 2022 will be the year where we see the blogging community come back again and see all kinds of different new bloggers and other bloggers who have been doing this for a while come back, dust off the laptop and get blogging again.

I'm hoping with maybe a few blog posts that are based on supporting bloggers and also using social media a the main tool it should all come to plan and get blogging going again. Now I'm not saying that blogging is dead or anything like that I just think it needs a kick if you get what I mean.

Chelsea has given Jack Deyes permission to use this image/screenshot

On the subject of supporting other bloggers, I recommend you check out Chelsea's blog and show it some love.

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