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My Apple Collection

I was watching YouTube about someone's Apple collation and for someone like me who is a big fan of Apple it was really interesting to watch. That then got me thinking why don't I make a blog post based on the Apple things that I have. Hopefully, it's something you'll all enjoy reading.

iPhone 12

The one thing I love about my phone is how organised it is and how easy it is to navigate. I also love how my phone works with MagSafe and I also love fast it is the photos it takes are incredible.

(This photo belongs to Apple)

Apple Watch S7

The one thing I love about my Apple Watch S7 is that I'm able to track my steps and see how much I've got left until I hit my rings. I also love how I can make and receive calls with text messages.

I like how I can make payments from my watch and also switch between different bands, straps and watch faces.

iPad Mini 2021

Some people are not big fans of the iPad Mini family because of the small screen and how small it is.

I've had the iPad Mini for a long time and I think the iPad Mini is way better than the bigger iPads.

I know the iPad Mini is the same as the other iPads but there are benefits and things about the iPad Mini you may not know.

The reason why I like the iPad Mini is that due to it being small I can fit it in smaller places and it fits in the bag so well.

Another thing about the iPad Mini is that it has 4 speakers, perfect for playing music and watching movies.

I also love how when I read things on Apple News or blog posts I'm able to read them and not have to fiddle about with the iPad trying to make it fit in my hand.

AirPods 3rd Gen

I remember when I got my first set of AirPods the sound that came out of them was amazing and well if you know Apple at all you'll know that Apple makes their products better and better every year.

When the AirPods 2nd Gen came out I went and got some to see what everyone loved about them so much and well when I put the new AirPods on I wasn't disappointed.

They sounded even better and I love how you can have the surround you and also have head tracking mode.

I love how Siri reads out my notifications like What's App and Facebook messages, and text messages and tells me who's calling.

All I need to do is just press a button and I can reply to the message and then if I need to stop the music because I'm in a shop at the tills all I need to do is just take one out and it stops the music back in and it continues the music.

This photo belongs to Apple

MacBook 2017

Yes my MacBook is an old moodle now and it's about 4-5 years old but for someone like me who uses this MacBook every day, it works well.

I mostly use my laptop for blogging, working, emails, and apprenticeship work. Regarding apps, there aren't that many apps that I have on it WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, Apple TV, Prime video and Twitter.

Apple TV

When Apple TV first came out I didn't think it was all that great and it didn't have that much to offer in my opinion.

A few years later they realised the Apple TV 4K which in my eyes is way better than the other Apple TVs and yes you may be thinking but it's the same as the others, right? And ugh well no and that is because when Apple realised the Apple TV 4K they made the whole box different from how Siri works and responds to you, how smooth the Apple TV is, how fast it is and how well it knows what you like watching just from remembering what you enjoy watching from things you've watched before.

The 3 main things that I love are that if you're watching something on your iPad or iPhone you can continue where you left off on your Apple TV.

I also love how you can do Apple Fitness Plus and when you want to watch something like a horror movie and your household is asleep easy just get your AirPods and connect them to Apple TV via Bluetooth, put them in and there you go also if you have the AirPods 2nd Gen and put them in surround mode the sound is incredible.

HomePod Mini

Before the HomePod Mini Apple had realised another HomepPod that was way bigger than the Mini and in my eyes didn't look that nice and it also apparently left ring marks on anything wooden.

Longside that Apple didn't make it "smart" like the Google Home Mini and Alexa is. Instead, Apple's main focus was sound what you could kind of expect from Apple.

Due to this and it was not what people expected and a lot of people returned them Apple then realised the Homepod Mini was way better than the normal HomePod.

The HomePod Mini was smarter plus continued to have that amazing sound. Siri was 1005 smarter and the HomePod mini was what most Apple customers were expecting.

The 3 main feathers I love about the HomePod Mini is that when I come home and I'm playing some music all I need to do is get my iPhone put it next to the HomePod Mini and it will continue playing the song from where I live off and the same if I'm going out and playing music on my Homepod Mini.

I just get my phone put it next to the Homepod and it continues playing the music. The second thing I love about the Homepod Mini is the actions you can make with it.

Before I had the HomePod Mini I'd keep leaving plugs on, lights and so forth which really annoyed me. Now with the HomePod Mini when I leave the house the lights plus just turn off and when I get home and it's dark my bedroom lights just turn on.


MagSafe I am still a little new and there are not a lot of people of know what MagSafe is let alone it's even a thing. Let me explain what this Mag Safe thing is.

MagSafe is a load of accessories like phone cases, wallets, chargers and battery packs. All of them work with iPhone 12 and newer and that is because at the back of the iPhone 12 and newer they have a magnet on the back of the phone so when you put the case on or anything else that works with MagSafe it will just connect.

I use MagSafe a lot and I love it. The 3 MagSafe items I like the most are the MagSafe charger and the reason why is because unlike other while charges where it would move out of centre or you had to put it dead in the middle with MagSafe you just put it on the charger and click it's on and you don't need to worry about it moving out of the centre.

The MagSafe wallet is really good and well I like it but I do think the price is a little too high for a wallet it's also linked to the FindMy network which is great but in my eyes, it's a little useless and that is because when it fulls off or you take it off and put it does you'll get a little notification telling where it was last seen but if someone picks it up and walks off with it you can't track where it is so in my eyes having it linked to the FindMy network is pointless. Apart from that, I think MagSafe is great and it's great to keep the cards that you need with you at all times.


Just like MagSafe the AirTags are new to the Apple family and I think the Airtags are useful.

AirTags are little keyrings that go onto your keys, bags or other things that you may be able to put an AirTag on.

They are made so if you've missed placing something you go to the FindMy app, tap on items, tap on the item you've lost and find it.

With this, you can ping it or follow a little green arrow. if you've lost it at a park or left it at someone's house all you'll need to do is tap on a location and it will send you to Apple Maps and give you the directions to where you'll need to go.

Also, let's say you are going to a friend's house if you've forgotten your keys or something with an AirTag on it you'll get a notification saying that you've left it such and such address.

You may be wondering what happens if someone takes your AirTag or you lose it simple Apple has come up with a salutation on you keeping that AirTagsafe until you get it back.

You just need to go onto the FindMy app and tap on the AirTag that's gone missing and tap on, lost mode enable, read the information, tap on continue, enter your phone number or email, next, type a message, activate


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