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Welcome Back & Hello 2023

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I hope everyone had an amazing Chrimas and Happy New Year to you all and I hope everyone is ready for 2023. I'd also like to add that I hope 2023 brings an end to the war that is still going on in Ukraine and that my love continues to go out to them all.

This week's blog post is all based on a loaded of different things from 2022 and some of my goals for 2023.

The Blog

This year for me will officially be my 8th year blogging and having when we start going into March. Now that I'm sitting here thinking about it that seems crazy.

I'm also planning on doing a blog post based on 2 amazing bloggers who are constantly supporting so many amazing bloggers.

I'm also planning on bringing back the support small business page and some new business to it so get ready for that.

This isn't going to happen for sure yet but I'll also be looking at the blog to see how I can make the look even better that could anything from removing a few or adding something so keep an eye out for that one just in case it does happen.

Read More Books

In my bedroom, I have a load of books some on my desk and some in my cupboard but like many other people I get a book think I'll read it and then it will be sat in a bag for weeks and months on end or just sit with the rest of my books just clocking dust so this year I want to get back to reading again.

Make A New Pen For My Rabbit

My rabbit Kiara once had an out rabbit pen that she loved to spend all in running around and enjoying the sun. Due to the bad weather, it ended up making the legs of the pen bend and unsafe for Kiara to be in. Luckily, I have a backup pen for her but I'd love to make her a new pen with a tooth cover over it so she can come no matter what the weather is.

Get A Little Better With Money

I'm bad with money but in my eyes, there is no such thing s getting better with how we manage it and spend it. I'm planning on setting up a few goals for me to achieve this and also see how much I can save every month for a rainy day.

Keep On Top Of My Bedroom

Everyone has that one room in their house that is there most favourite room and for me, that is my bedroom. My bedroom is my space and it's where I get a lot of work done not only for my blog but also for an organisation that I help and support. You may be wondering what I mean by "keep on top of my bedroom" and what I mean by that is keeping it clean and tidy.

I'm not one of them people where the bedroom can get so messy to the point you can't see the floor it's more of in case of just putting things anywhere achingly out them back in the right place kind of thing.

Do A Social Media Course

I'm a social media manager for an organization and even though I know stuff about social media in my eyes you can never know too much of something to make you that bit better than you were before plus you may even get to learn something you didn't know.

Keep On Top Of The Blog

As many bloggers know when life gets busy and you don't have enough time on your hand's blogging can sometimes take a backseat and sometimes it can go from weeks to months until you have some free time and relies on what you haven't done a blog post in a while.

I'm not saying that 2023 will be the year where I'm on it 24/7 but I'm hoping this year I can be on top of my blog a little more than I was in 2022.

In 2022 I still did blog posts but just not as many as I'd like and in my drafts, I have about 15 blog posts that are partly finished or I've just not even started so fingers crossed this can be the year where that comes to an end and hopefully be the year where I keep to the blog post schedule where you'll have one out ready for you to read every weekend.

Apple Fitness Plus

I'm one of the people who have Apple Fitness Plus and to be honest, it's really good and it's really good for people who are always trying to close their rings and keep their arrows up. Until Apple Fitness Plus came along you'd never find it in a gym because there are way too many people.

When Apple realised Apple Fitness Plus I was using it 2 - 3 times a month but over the last few months I've just slacked and stopped.

I want 2023 to be the year where I get back on Apple Fitness Plus and continue closing the rings and beating the arrow numbers from 2022.

Read More Blog Posts

I'm not saying that I don't read any blog posts becuse I do read some but just not as many as I use to.

This year I'm hoping to get back on track and catch up on the blog posts I've missed and hopefully find some new blogs to check out.

Add Different Topics To The Blog

The one thing I love the most about blogging is that when it comes to having a blog is that you can have a blog based on as many subjects as you like. The sky is the limit.

2023 is the year where I'm hoping to find even more subjects to blog about.

Improve My Sleep

In 2022 I was going through the struggle of wearing my Apple Watch to bed but I slowly got out of it after doing it for a few months.

Over the last few months my sleeping habit hasn't been great and getting to sleep hasn't been that great due to this I'm wearing my watch to bed so I'm hoping this will help my sleep improve to a degree.

Get Back To Posting On Instagram

I do post on Instagram but just not as much as I'd like this year I'm planning to change that and get back to how often I used to post. Don't worry I won't be spamming your feed.

I hope you enjoyed the first blog post of 2023 and I hope you're all looking forward to the next one. Please remember to check out Saph's blog and her Twitter pages

Me and Saph- have also made a Twitter Community for bloggers so if you're a blogger and you use Twitter then please feel free to join we'd love to have you as a member. Click/tap on the image below to find out more.


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