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Why Did I Move From WordPress To Wix

A few weeks ago my blog went offline for 48HR and that was because I was in the progress of moving my blog from WordPress to Wix. To anyone who has moved a blog from one hosting site to another understands the long progress that it takes and will also know that it doesn't just happen overnight.

When I started the progress of moving my blog over to Wix I had to remake my blog all over again what I loved doing becuse I could mess around a little bit before putting everything together and setting the blog live.

Some people have asked me why did I leave WordPress and that's becuse to me I feel like their plans are a little overpriced and you don't really get much out of it also the layouts you get to pick from are all the same to a degree and you don't really get much freedom todo stuff to your blog.

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I'm not saying WordPress is all bad and everything becuse they, not there are a few things about WordPress that I like such as the plugins some of them are amazing and look awesome, you get an Auto-Spam scanner that runs in the background of your blog and site so you're blog isn't filled with spam comments.

When I first come across Wix I didn't really understand how it all worked and it all seemed a little confusing to me and I thought it was only for people who had a business or an online store but as I found out it's also made for people like myself who have a blog and it was easier then I thought it was to make a blog in fact it's more fun becuse you get to add what you like, drag things wear you want you free to do whatever you want.

Wix's price plans are much better priced than WordPress and you've got the choice to pay it monthly or yearly for the plans but please keep in mind you can only pay for a domain yearly.

I've been asked if I'm glad that I moved to Wix and I'm so glad I did and I'd recommend Wix to anyone but please remember WordPress is still good so don't let my blog post set you off WordPress.


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