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8 Years Of Blogging

How It All Started

Every year feels like an absolute shock and now I've hit 8 years of blogging which feels unbelievable to hit. I started this blog with no idea of what I was doing and I didn't fully know what a blog was back then. I first came across a few lifestyle and baking blog posts. After a few months of reading them, I soon found some blogs I loved and the 2 bloggers who stood out the most to me were Becca and Jasmin. They are both so kind and their blogs are amazing.

After reading a few blogs I went to visit my friend and mentioned to her that I'm considering starting my own blog but I wasn't 100% sure what I was going to be calling it let alone what subject I was going to be relating it to. Me and my friend were thinking of what to call it and what it should be based on I then decided to it call Jack Deyes and have it based on lifestyle.

I then had to work out how to make a blog, find out what a domain was and finger out what plan I needed. I then did some research on finding out the best platform for making a blog. I came across WordPress which I was already a little familiar with but not that much. I then spent the first few weeks or so making my blog and getting it to how I wanted it.

After that, I then got my blog out there making blog posts and also keeping it as my little secret what now seems kinda strange but back then and now it's still strange to me know that there are people out there like family and friends reading my blog and to anyone who has a blog will fully understand this.

A Few Years Later

After I got my second job a few months later I stayed up until I got paid that night and then purchased my first domain this may sound silly but I was so happy and excited about reaching this part of my blog. I then contacted Beevine Art asking them to make me a logo for which I still love.

After being with WordPress for a few years I then decided to leave WordPress and move over to Wix for a number of reasons one of them reasons was that they were putting their plan and domain prices up and I didn't feel like I had full control of my blog

After moving my blog to Wix I then made my blog from scratch with a whole new layout and feel to it and I even managed to save some of my blog posts from when everything was getting transferred over but not everything that I was kinda gutted about.

Others Bloggers

I've been so lucky to have met some incredible bloggers from Southampton some of them I still talk to and then I loved being a part of that group. I've also been able to help other bloggers who are new to the blogging community giving them advice and tips towards blogging. The blogging community has changed a lot over the last 8 years but is still powerful as ever.

This was from my first blogging event at Stakks

Working With Brands

When it comes to working with brands some of them have come to me asking me to make a sponsored/AD blog post which has been amazing to do and build a relationship with some amazing companies. Other brands I've worked with I've just emailed to help them out or becuse I love their brand so much. Also, I've made a page on my blog called "Supporting Small Businesses" I started this page back when the pandemic kicked off to help small businesses in the U.K. I then decided to bring it back a few months ago and open it up to small businesses all over the world. I know to some people it may not sound much but at least it's helping them to a degree and I can't wait to add even more.


Teaming Up With My Favouirt Bogger

A very long time ago I got in contact with one of my favourite bloggers of all time and that was Anna Newton or as some of you may know her "The Anna Edit". Anna realised a book called An Edited Life and it's based on how to keep your life and your work life organised and all that kind of stuff.

When I got my book I went over to Anna's Twitter page and asked her PR team if I could make a book review based on her book and Anna. After emailing them back and forth they gave me the green light to make the blog post and out of everything I've done a blog post about that one will always be my favourite blog post.

Things That I've Learnt In Blogging

In my 8 years of blogging, I've had a few things to deal with and work out so I've made a list below that I hope will help you all out.

You don't have to copy other bloggers - When it comes to you starting a blog you'd need to be like all them bloggers. Stand and do your own thing.

You don't have to stick to schedule - When I started blogging I was trying to get a blog post up every weekend for 5PM. When I didn't manage to do that for that set week I felt like I failed to a degree until I realised this whole blogging thing is my hobby not a job even though I'd love it to be. When you start a blog don't feel like you have to do something when you don't have to and in the end, you're the boss no one else.

Do your research - When you're considering starting a blog don't just jump in do your research first

Reach out to other bloggers - Everyone needs some now and then and that goes for new bloggers and other bloggers who have been doing this for years. You need help reaching out to another blogger at the end of the day we're a blogging community so we're here to help one another.

Ignore the haters - Now this may never happen to you and I hope it never does but if you do come across anyone who is being a hater or telling you that you'll never make it as a blogger or anything just ignore it and use it as the fire to continue doing what you want to do at the end of the day you want to prove them wrong right?

Think of a new for your blog that people will remember & easy to spell - You don't have to do this after all it's your blog so you can do whatever you want but the one thing I read in a blog post before I started was think of a new that people ca remember how to spell and easy for them to spell.

It's going to take time - When you start blogging don't think it's going to grow overnight or you're going to get millions of readers within a week. Things like views and gaining a following base and getting readers will happen over time.

Don't give up - This doesn't happen often but I've seen it a few times when you have a low moment or nothing seems to be going right on your blog just go with the flow at the end of the day your going to deal with some hurdles and as you do in everyday life just jump over them and keep focusing on your goal or whatever it is you have set in front of you.

Plan ahead- When I've got to make a blog post I get my {-} notepad out what has {-} on it and it's so useful to keep on top of the blog I'm working on. I got mine from {-}

Re-read before hitting that publish/post button - Before you post your blog posts just take a few minutes before you publish it and read over it all just in case you've spelt something wrong or to add something like some text or photo

It's okay to use stock photos & gifs but - When it comes to using stock photos and gifs it's okay to use them but don't go fully religious on it after all a blog should really have your photos init after all it's your blog and your followers want to see your work.

Get an email set up - When I started blogging I didn't really think having an email address was that important I just thought people who needed to contact me regarding my blog would just use my social media. Then I noticed a lot of bloggers had an email address so you can all imagine what I did... The other thing I'd recommend is to try and keep up to date with it

Thank You

I'd also like to thank you the readers for the love and support that you've all shown me and my blog over the last 8 years.

Hitting 8 years wouldn't have been possible without every single one of you and hope you continue to follow the blog and continue this journey with me.

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Samantha Silverthorn
19 mar 2023

Always a great read. love reading this blog posts

Me gusta
Jack Deyes
Jack Deyes
20 mar 2023
Contestando a

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this blog post, and thank you for your support


Jack Deyes

Me gusta
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