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My Goals

Get A Little Better At Managing Money

I wouldn't say I'm really bad at looking after and spending money but I think it could be something that could do with a little bit of work. I'm hoping to crack down on things I spend the most money on and think of other ways I could be saving my money.

Sort My Bedroom Out

My bedroom is my favourite room in my house and that is because it's my place to come and do what O want from doing my work, blogging, chilling and watching some YouTube or whatever is on Netflix. It also looks just the way I want it to and well I just love my bedroom. My bedroom is organised but I feel like I could just go through a few things and see what I need and don't need and it get back on track.

Get Planning For The Blog

When I started blogging I had so many blog posts lined up all ready to go up every weekend and well it's safe t say I was on it. Since the Pandemic (Covid-19) jit I've been a little bit off the ball with work and stuff so I'd love to spend this month getting my blog back on track with the blog post.

Get Back On Track With My Apprenterhship

Without saying where I'm currently working or mentioning their name I'm currently doing an apprenticeship with the place where I work and hopefully go up the ladder. With that said over the last few weeks, there have been. a lot of things going on and well I"ve kinda left it in the background and now I'm having to play catch up. I'm hoping to get back on track this month and smash a load of work.

Catch Up On Reading Them Blog Post

Before life got buys at my 2 jobs and well time just flew I use to read loads of blog posts but that came to a sudden stop I'm hoping to catch up on all of my favourite bloggers.

"This is a screenshot of Becca's blog has permission to use this screenshot in this blog post. If you'd like to check out Becca's blog check out the button below"


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