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My Goals For June 2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Due to the U.K being in lockdown and everything not being how it normally is I've been running out of things to blog about but now that the U.K is continuing with its road maps "for now" I've managed to think of a few things to blog about. I thought I'd start it off with a list of my goals for June and see how far I get with them all.

To Go Bowling With A Group Of Friends From Work

I know this one may seem a little odd to have a goal but after the year we've had with COVID-19 it would be great to plan and book something and have some kind of normal-ish.

Get My Blog Back On Track & Move The Old Blog Posts Over

As most of you know from emails, blog update and social media I have moved to host sites and given my blog a new look. The reason why I did this was that I wasn't ever happy with how my blog looked. With this move, I'm currently trying to move my blog posts from my old blog to this blog my new. I was hoping this was going to be done by now but fingers crossed it will be done soon. Apart from all this, I've not really made any blog posts as I explained at the bigging of this blog post but I'm hoping to get that sorted and get back to work with it all.

Compleat My Apprenticeship

I'm not allowed to say too much about this but I'm currently doing an apprenticeship with the company I work for so I can higher up the ladder.

To Get My Room Sorted

At the moment I'm in the middle of sorting out my room and getting looking how I want it it's almost nearly done.

Read More Books

I'm one of those people who get given books as a gift or go out and buy them but never get around to reading them. I'm giving myself a small target of 3 books to read by the end of this month.

Supporting More Small Businesses

It's more important now than ever to support small businesses as some have had to close shop and move online or find it hard to keep their business going. I've supported a few small businesses in the face my blog logo was made from a small business and I can't wait for o support even more.

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