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My X-Mas Wish List - 2022

Every year making this blog post gets more harder every year and I feel like the older you get the question of "what would you like for Chrimas" gets more challenging but hopefully to anyone who would like to get me a gift this Chrimas then this blog post will help... hopefully


As I said in my birthday wish list blog post "My Birthday Wish List | 2022" I've got all I need regarding Apple and don't get me wrong there are a few things I'd love like the new Macbook or the Apple Watch Ulcer but let's be honest the new Macbook costs way too much money and with everything going up at the moment getting a new Macbook is the last thing on my list. The Apple Watch Ulcer it's an amazing watch it looks incredible but it's not made for me it's made for people who spend loads of time outdoors, swimming and all that kind of thing so I think I'll stay with my Apple Watch S7 for now.

For me, the best thing for me would be an Apple GIft-Card for someone like me who is a big fan of Apple this would be one of the best things you could get for an Apple fan.

Smart Home

When I say "Smart Home" I mean more things like "Smart Room" now my bedroom has a smart light, smart plugs, smart lamp, motion sensor, smart strips and smart climate temperature, humidity and air quality reader sensor. In my eyes smart home accessories are endless so smart accessories would be perfect.

Apple Watch Bands/Straps

Now I have loads of Apple bands some from Apple and a few from some 3rd party companies. The one thing I love about the Apple Watch is that you can get many different bands and show off the one you love.

Coffee Pods

Yes I know adding this to a wish list is a little odd but with the Tassimo Coffee Machine, I have you're able to get loads of different pods and Amazon has loads that you couldn't get inside the U.K. retail store

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post and I can't wait for you all to read the next blog post after X-Mas. I hope everyone has an amazing X-Mas


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