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What I'd Like For X-Mas

To anyone who's looking for any last minute X-Mas gifts I hope this will help you find that gift.

Lego Titanic

I love making things out of lego and this is the next thing I'd love to make

Apple HomeKit

I'm new to this Apple HomeKit thing and well so far I'm loving it. A few more things added to it would be amazing. I've found a few things I'd like to add so hopefully I can get them.

Apple MacBook Air

I love gold MacBooks I think they just look incredible also I love MacBooks because they are amazing for blogging, working from home and things like homework. Also just like all the Apple stuff it's all linked together. I highly recommend MacBooks to anyone.


I have this job where I attend a lot of meetings "via Zoom & ConnectTeam" plus have a lot of dates to remember so having a planner/diary would be perfect.


I use my AirTags all the times mainly fir my keys but I can tell you now they are super helpful and they work with the Apple FindMy network. Yes I need more...


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