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My Birthday Wish List | 2022

Every year on my blog I do a blog post called "My Birthday Wish List" now not only does this give my family and friends a chance to find out what I'd like for my birthday but it is also something you all like reading...



Now in case, you didn't notice I love everything Apple and it's getting to the point where I've turned into one of the people who have almost everything Apple. One thing I'd love based on Apple is an Apple Gift Card. I know this may seem like an odd gift but for someone like myself who has got almost everything related to Apple, a Gift Card is probably the next best thing.


Smart Tech

I love everything smart tech and being able to make your home smart and being able to run things from your home or via smart home assist. Anything that I can add to it would be great. Plus the more you add to the Apple HomeKit then the smarter your hub gets.


When it's this time of year shops in the U.K. like to bring the Chrismas stuff out 2-3 months before Chrismas which for me is great because some shops have Costs gifts out for sale and anyone who knows me well or follows me on social media will know how much I love Costa and coffee.



One thing I love the most is blogging so being able to get anything blogging-related from planning to books is perfect and will help so much get back on track with blogging.



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