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Q&A Based On Me and The Blog

A few months ago I did a tweet and Instagram post asking you all to send me any questions based on me and my blog.

Q – Why did you start your blog?

A – I started my blog after reading other blogs like Becc4 and Maria J Blogs after a few months of reading their blogs I then decided to start my own blog.

Q – Have you ever met any bloggers?

A – I have met a few bloggers from attending blogging events in Southampton. All of the bloggers that I’ve met have all been amazing and so lovely.

Q – How long have you been blogging?

A – I’ve been blogging for 7 years

Q – What’s it been like working in a pandemic?

A – Working throughout the pandemic has made my job that little bit harder and it’s added a lot more stress on us all but myself and the team have pulled tougher and our very best?

Q – Will you be continuing to blog in 2022?

A – Yes I’m going to be blogging in 2022 and I continue to see it that way

Q – Who made your blog logo?

A – The person who made my blog logo was a friend of mine called Jess. She’s started a business called Beevine Art and she does all kind of things from blog logos, posters, customised phone cases and much more


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