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What I Got My Mum For Her Birthday

Last week was my mum's birthday, and she had a fantastic day. Before anyone thinks this blog post is based n what she did for her birthday, I'm sorry to disappoint you. It's not. As it says in the title, this is all based on the one thing I got her for their special day,, and she loved it. So with all that said, let's get right into it, shall we?

For my mum's birthday, I got her a Lush bath boom gift box filled with many lovely impressive booms; as expected, they all smelled lush and looked incredible.

I got my mum the Mum's Bathtime Favrouate collection, and as I said, it smelled lush,, and they all look so cool...


This one is called "Sleepy" and has sweet lavender inside it. What you do with one is crumble it under the tap. This will help you relaxes after a long hard day at work and help you get ready for bed.

This one is called "The Comforter", a bubble bar that looks so cool. I love how it looks. This has got berry fruity bit's inside,, and Lush describes this as "berry heaven" You can feel this work immediately; it whishes your hair well and helps you destress.

This one I love looking at it. Now this one is a limited edition one, and it's called the "Atom Heart Mother" bath bomb; what you do with one is fill the bath up and just drop this in it and watch the magic come alive.

This one is called the "Tea Party", and it's also another limited-edition bath bomb. It makes your bath water look all pink and smooth.

This one is called "Jasmin" and is another limited edition bath bomb; you use this one to fill the bath up and drop the flower into the tub, sink and watch it fizz into a scented relaxation. This is also another great one to use when you come home from a stressful night's sleep or try to relax before you head to bed.

This one is called "Twilight" and it's one of Luch's best-seller bath bombs, so if you like the look of this one, I recommend you get it while you can. As you can tell with this one, you fill-up the bath, get in and put the bath bomb in. Twilight will then help you relax and get a good night's sleep.

I'm not sure what happened to its eye, this one looks cute, but it generally looks fantastic and pretty in the shop and on the Lush website. You can adequately guess what this one is called, and in case you don't, it's called "Avo Cuddle" Now, this one is almost part of the limited edition bubble bar. You use this one because you crumble it under running water, and it will smell amazing and make your skin soft.

This one belongs in the pouch, which I never knew until my mum told me. This one is called the "Deep Sleep" bath bomb you use because this one helps you switch off and relax and smells incredible.

This one confused me a little because it looked like nothing on the website, but this one, according to Lush, is "Brightside" Now, this one you crumble into the bath for that magical fluffy, bubble sunset weather..

(This is a limited edition, so it may not be available when you go online)

(Disclaimer: This blog post isn't an AD or sponsored)


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