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What Is Going On With The Blog

As some of you know I've not done a blog post for a few weeks and that will all be explained in this blog post and also give you all an update on what is going on with

Everything on my blog is basically done I only have a few things left to do and with that all said I'm loving how my blog looks now than how it did on look WordPress. I feel like it's given a new fresh look and feel to the blog. I'm still going to maybe move a few things around and add some things but all in all, it's done.

Apart from all of that some of you will know that I'm currently trying to move all the old blog posts over to this blog but unfortunately that isn't working out as easy as I thought. The team at Wix's have been spending hours from all different departments trying to get all the blog posts moved but sadly they haven't had much luck. After long phone calls with Wix's and emails going back and forth, it ended up being something to do with WordPress. Now if anyone has ever tried to contact WordPress support you'll know how difficult that can be some trying to get this sorted is being more of a pain than anything.

Due to this, I've not been posting that many blog posts over the last few weeks becuse of all this moving blog post stuff and sadly I might end up losing the majority of the blog posts on WordPress.

Besides that, I've also been getting some new tec things that I never planned on making a review on but well you'll see it in the next few weeks or so. Also, I'm getting some blog posts sorted so hopefully, you'll see a blog post up soon. Also if anyone knows how I can get the blog posts moved over from WordPress to Wix please let me know thanks :)

I know this blog post isn't like my other blog posts but hopefully, this has given you all an idea of what is going on with

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