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  • Why Did I Move From WordPress To Wix

    A few weeks ago my blog went offline for 48HR and that was because I was in the progress of moving my blog from WordPress to Wix. To anyone who has moved a blog from one hosting site to another understands the long progress that it takes and will also know that it doesn't just happen overnight. When I started the progress of moving my blog over to Wix I had to remake my blog all over again what I loved doing becuse I could mess around a little bit before putting everything together and setting the blog live. Some people have asked me why did I leave WordPress and that's becuse to me I feel like their plans are a little overpriced and you don't really get much out of it also the layouts you get to pick from are all the same to a degree and you don't really get much freedom todo stuff to your blog. I'm not saying WordPress is all bad and everything becuse they, not there are a few things about WordPress that I like such as the plugins some of them are amazing and look awesome, you get an Auto-Spam scanner that runs in the background of your blog and site so you're blog isn't filled with spam comments. When I first come across Wix I didn't really understand how it all worked and it all seemed a little confusing to me and I thought it was only for people who had a business or an online store but as I found out it's also made for people like myself who have a blog and it was easier then I thought it was to make a blog in fact it's more fun becuse you get to add what you like, drag things wear you want you free to do whatever you want. Wix's price plans are much better priced than WordPress and you've got the choice to pay it monthly or yearly for the plans but please keep in mind you can only pay for a domain yearly. I've been asked if I'm glad that I moved to Wix and I'm so glad I did and I'd recommend Wix to anyone but please remember WordPress is still good so don't let my blog post set you off WordPress.

  • Apple AirTag's

    The new AirTags were announced at the 2021 Apple WWDC event at Apple Park and got released on the 20th April 2021. When the AirTags first got announced I watched the video about them and also checked out the Apple website so I could understand a bit more about them. At first, I wasn't sure about them but after a family member getting one and showing me how it works on the Find My network I wanted to get one. The AirTag's are amazing to keep things like your bag, wallet, keys and other items that may have an AirTags on safe. For example, if you lose your keys or someone takes them you can open up the Find My App on your iPhone and ping them to make a sound or use the find button to find them and track them down. How Do You Connect The Air Tag To Your iPhone Now, this is very easy as is most of the things that Apple make to connect to an iPhone like AirPods. You take off the paper wrapper from the Airtag put the Airtag next to your phone and then you'll see a pop up on your iPhone saying "connect AirTags" you then tap on connecting AirTags and then pick what the AirTags is for alongside an emoji it's as easy as that. How Does The Find My Work with The AirTag Work Just like connecting it to the iPhone the Find My part is also very easy as well. You open up the Find My app tap on items and then tap on whatever it is you're trying to find and track. You can then ask the tag to make a ping beeping sound or ask your iPhone to track the tag. Finding the tag is easy you tap on the "Find" button once you've tapped that you will then see this This will tell you where you need to go and how far away you are from your keys or the item you're trying to find and this is also how the Find My network works with the AirTags Apple also sale little AirTags keyrings that you will need to buy if you're putting the tag on an item. Check Out The AirTags Apple TV AD This AD belongs to Apple & Apple Have Full Rights To This Video

  • What Is Going On With The Blog

    As some of you know I've not done a blog post for a few weeks and that will all be explained in this blog post and also give you all an update on what is going on with Everything on my blog is basically done I only have a few things left to do and with that all said I'm loving how my blog looks now than how it did on look WordPress. I feel like it's given a new fresh look and feel to the blog. I'm still going to maybe move a few things around and add some things but all in all, it's done. Apart from all of that some of you will know that I'm currently trying to move all the old blog posts over to this blog but unfortunately that isn't working out as easy as I thought. The team at Wix's have been spending hours from all different departments trying to get all the blog posts moved but sadly they haven't had much luck. After long phone calls with Wix's and emails going back and forth, it ended up being something to do with WordPress. Now if anyone has ever tried to contact WordPress support you'll know how difficult that can be some trying to get this sorted is being more of a pain than anything. Due to this, I've not been posting that many blog posts over the last few weeks becuse of all this moving blog post stuff and sadly I might end up losing the majority of the blog posts on WordPress. Besides that, I've also been getting some new tec things that I never planned on making a review on but well you'll see it in the next few weeks or so. Also, I'm getting some blog posts sorted so hopefully, you'll see a blog post up soon. Also if anyone knows how I can get the blog posts moved over from WordPress to Wix please let me know thanks :) I know this blog post isn't like my other blog posts but hopefully, this has given you all an idea of what is going on with

  • No.1 Book Review – “An Edited Life”

    ABOUT ANNA NEWTON Anna Newton is well known for her blog and YouTube Channel “The Anna Edit”. Anna made her blog back in 2010 and does blog posts based on Beauty, Life and Travie. Anna is also well known for the PodCast “At Home Home With” Anna is co-host alongside Lilly Pebbles. Anna’s YouTube Channel “The Anna Edit is based on Lifestyle, Recipes, Vlogs, Makeup, Blog and Vlog Tips. ABOUT THE BOOK “AN EDITED LIFE” Anna’s book is really useful and based on simple steps to streamline your life at work and at home “An Edited Life” is filled with so much helpful information it will be hard for you to stop reading the book and put the book down. “An Edited Life” is also filled with useful saving tips and how to keep on top of a budget the book also tells you how to work out your calendar and so much more. MY THOUGHTS ABOUT “AN EDITED LIFE” BY ANNA NEWTON I ordered Anna’s book from Amazon back in October time of 2018 and I was so excited for it to come and the book release date to be announced. When it was the day of Anna’s book coming out I was so excited and I was always reopening the Amazon app to see how far the delivery van had left to go. When the van pulled up outside my house I ran down starts opened the door got the book ran up into my room and had a little look at the book. That evening I went back into my room and spent hours reading the book. An Edited Life is a fantastic book and I’d recommend the book to anyone who is looking to plan their life and get on top of their life at home and work. I give Anna’s book “An Edited Life” 5 out of 5. You can find all the links to Anna’s blog and YouTube channel below alongside an Amazon link where you can get Anna’s book. The Anna Edit – Blog The Anna Edit YouTube Channel Amazon – An Edited Life “Please note that I have been given permission to use the photo of Anna Newton, An Edited Life book cover and the press release photo from Anna Newton’s PR team for the book “An Edited Life and the photos are taken by Emma Corman This blog post is not an AD or anyway sponsored”

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