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Apple HomePod Mini & HomeKit Review

HomePod Mini

A few months ago I went into the Apple Store in Southampton and had a look at their HomePod Minis. Now I was a little unsure about the HomePod Mini as I'm used to having an Alexa. The Alexas are great but there are a few things I didn't like about them.

The first one was if you have Apple Music as I do then Alexa isn't all that good at finding the song and let alone playing the right one. You had to make sure the apps or whatever they were called was kept updated and if they had any bugs then they wouldn't work or run the routine and so on.

The reason why I moved over to the HomePod Mini is that well most of the stuff in my life is part of the Apple Ecosystem. To me, the Apple Ecosystem is amazing because for example if I'm playing something from Apple TV on my iPhone 12 and then stop playing it and go and watch it on my iPad Mini or Apple TV boxes then then it will just carry on from where I left off on my iPhone.

I love the HomePod Mini because unlike Alexa I can make phone calls, receive and send text messages to my contacts. Also when I"m working late at night my iPhone will tell my HomePod when I'm near my house and will turn my lights on. This is also the same if I go out and leave anything playing on the HomePod Mini or leave the lights on or the plugs it will automatically turn them off.

If I"m playing some music on my phone while walking home I can go up into my room put my phone near the HomePod and it will move the auto from the phone to the HomePod and back again.

I can also ask Sir to set me a reminder and instead of it just saying 2 times like Alexa Sir will say it and send a notification to your Apple devices.

Unlike Alexa, the HomePod Mini has amazing room-filling sound and music just sounds amazing. HomePod Mini also has a private and secure feature added to it so Siri will recognise your voice and will keep your info private and secure so when you ask Siri to send a text message to one of your contacts or call someone it will only do that when it hears your voice and know if someone comes in and asks Siri to text someone in your contact Siri won't do it.

To anyone who has AirTags, you can now ask Sir on HomePod Mini to find your keys or anything you may have an AirTag attached to.

Like other things that Apple has released like AirPods, iPhone, iPad, AirTags and much more setting up the HomePod Mini is so easy it takes seconds to do. You can also get the HomePod Mini in 5 different colours


Just like the HomePod Mini, anything that works with HomeKit is also made simple all you have to do is get your (iPhone, open up the HomeKit app, tap on the + , and then tap on Add Accessory) and then get your smart home light, plug or other smart home accessories and scan the QR code and within seconds it's connected. Unlike Alexa or Google, it's all in one place no need for 3rd party apps.

To anyone who's a part of the Apple Ecosystem like me, I'd highly recommend you get the HomePod Mini.


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