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What I Got For X-Mas & My 2022

This is a 2 - in - 1 blog post and it's also the last blog post of 2022. I thought I's start this blog with how my 2022 is and also give me a chance to thank you all my blog readers.

My 2022

2022 has been amazing the charity I work with will be continuing for another 3 years which for me was one of the highlights for 2022 because the charity means the world to me and so does everyone who helps and support the charity from the governing body to the volunteers.

I got to meet the SuperVet in Southampton now to me this vet is an amazing man and the passion he has for animals is incredible I find his work amazing.

I also got to meet some amazing people who I now class as some of my friends and on the subject of friends, I got back in contact with an old friend who I haven't spoken to in a while and we've both decided to stay in contact with what is lovely.

I and my partner spent our first official X-Mas together which was lovely we had an amazing X-Mas and I hope everyone reading this did too.


What I Got For X-Mas

Every year for X-Mas I have a Toblerone and yes it's my favourite chocolate this year I got the gold one and it's so yummy

I got some Costa Coffee dusting set that I love becuse well in case you didn't notice love Costa Coffee

I'm not a Star Wars fan but I do think this little guy is funny and he's my favourite one in Star Wars

Stitch well he's just cute and funny...may I say no more

One of my friends got me this little coffee dusting set that I also love plus a coffee coffee template but the camera woudent focus on it

I have a Nitendon Switch and my partner got me this Minon case what I love

Jack Wills is one of my favourite brands ans my partner got me this lovely Jack Wills set

My partners mum got me this cute little Minin clock what I love becuse it's Minions

My mum made me this lovely gift of a lock with a picture of me and my partner in it

My mum also made me this hot water bottle cover what I love I think it looks amazing

My mum also made me this X-Mas Minion tin what I just love and it looks awsome

I also got this Elephant water fechter what sounds so peaceful I absolutely love this

Last year I wanted one of these cups but I wasn't able to have one duew them being sold out but this year I got one and I love it also this is a great size cup for a nice cup of coffee.

I'd also like to thank all of you for all the support that myself and my bog has recived from you all this year. My blog wouden't be here if it wasn't thanks to all of you. I hope you all had a great X-Mas and Happy New Year. The first blog post for 2023 will on the

14th January at 5PM U.K. time

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