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The iPhone14 Pro Review

Just like many others who pre-ordered the iPhone 14 Pro, I was one of them and unlike the other iPhones Apple realised this iPhone to me was an upgrade because normal when Apple bring out iPhone I just get the everyday iPhone but this year I thought I'd upgraded to the Pro model and just see how good it is.

One of the new things that have come to the iPhone Pro is the "Dynamic Island" which has made the notch on the iPhone just that little better. With "Dynamic Island" you can interact with apps while being in another. The apps that work with Dynamic Island are

  • Face ID

  • Apple Music/Spotify

  • Timer

  • Phone calls/incoming calls

  • When you put your phone to silent or loud

  • When you put your phone on charge

  • When the battery is running low

  • When Power Saving Mod is on

Hopefully, 3rd party apps will be coming to Dynamic Island soon

(This photo belongs to Apple)

The other new thing that has come to the iPhone 14 Pro is the "always-on-display" that according to some people is training the battery life which is something I'm not seeing. I've also heard from a few people that they can see it at night when they go to sleep. There is a way to stop this from happening all you need to do is head to "focus" and then tap on sleep and then set it to when you go to bed and it will automatically turn the sleep focus on. Once that is done the screen will turn off and help you sleep.

(This photo belongs to Apple)

This isn't that new to an iPhone Pro but this year the iPhone Pro has "A display that’s up to 2x brighter in the sun." that helps you look at your phone when you're out and about what I think is helpful if you're trying to read a text or trying to follow directions on Apple Maps

Apple has realised one feature that Apple hopes you never have to use and that is Crash Detection. This is great for any who drives or maybe is on some kind of public transport or Uber. If for some reason this feature did get triggered due to someone having a crash it will pop up and start calling the 999/911 and will also send notifications to your emergency contacts telling them you've been in a crash and so forth. Now I've not tested this out of course but if you tap on the button below it will send you to a YouTube video from Apple

(This photo belongs to Apple)

For me to stay the camera is better than last year's iPhone Pro isn't going to be that easy as this is my first iPhone Pro but from what I can tell from the camera this is amazing and the best camera on iPhone yet that I can tell. The camera has 48 megapixels can do — delivering 4x the resolution in ProRAW and making the photos look incredible

(Photos belong to

Pros About The iPhone 14Pro

  • Always on display | I'm used to the new always-on-display due to my Apple Watch having it but when I watched the Apple Event when they mentioned the always-on-display I thought it might distract me or something like that but I used it very quickly and I love the always-on-display. It's also really useful for anyone who has widgets on the lock screen.

  • Dynamic Island | When it came to Apple releasing the dynamic island I wasn't too sure if I'd like it and if I'd use it that often. As you can probably guess I use it all the time and it comes in really useful when I'm on the bus playing music or if someone calls me and I'm in the middle of doing something else in another app.

  • The outstanding camera | I use the iPhone camera a lot and the camera was the one main reason why I got the Pro model iPhone. You're someone like myself who has had the normal iPhone like iPhoneX, 11, 12 and so on then moving from that to a Pro model is a big leap and trust me you notice the difference before you've even taken the photo.

Cons About The iPhone 14Pro

  • The size of the camera | The camera size from the iPhone13 Pro to the iPhone14 Pro is much bigger which you do notice when you take it out of the box.

  • Permission to "Copy & Paste" | This isn't just for the Pro models but one thing that I have noticed is that when you go to copy and paste something from one app to another you have this little pop-up asking for your permission to copy and paste something that is in my eyes annoying and to me having this popping up every time is annoying because it's just something we don't need and I believe it's something Apple need to get rid of.

Why Did I Pick The iPhone14 Pro?

I've never had a Pro phone before as you can tell from this blog post now the reason why I got the iPhone14 Pro is for the camera, the Dynamic Island and because when I upgraded my phone from the iPhone12 I didn't want it to just feel like I was just getting the same phone but with 1 or 2 new things added to it.

Why Did I Not Get The iPhone14 Pro Max?

iPhone Pro Max looks amazing but in my eyes, it's a little too big and to be fair there isn't that much difference between the iPhone14 Pro and the iPhone14 Pro Max.


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