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  • My Birthday Wish List | 2022

    Every year on my blog I do a blog post called "My Birthday Wish List" now not only does this give my family and friends a chance to find out what I'd like for my birthday but it is also something you all like reading... Apple Now in case, you didn't notice I love everything Apple and it's getting to the point where I've turned into one of the people who have almost everything Apple. One thing I'd love based on Apple is an Apple Gift Card. I know this may seem like an odd gift but for someone like myself who has got almost everything related to Apple, a Gift Card is probably the next best thing. Smart Tech I love everything smart tech and being able to make your home smart and being able to run things from your home or via smart home assist. Anything that I can add to it would be great. Plus the more you add to the Apple HomeKit then the smarter your hub gets. Costa When it's this time of year shops in the U.K. like to bring the Chrismas stuff out 2-3 months before Chrismas which for me is great because some shops have Costs gifts out for sale and anyone who knows me well or follows me on social media will know how much I love Costa and coffee. Blogging One thing I love the most is blogging so being able to get anything blogging-related from planning to books is perfect and will help so much get back on track with blogging.

  • The "WHY" Behind The Blog

    As some of you may already know I have been blogging for 7 -years now and I love it I find blogging so much fun and I have many more years to come. The one question I get asked the most as a blogger is “What is it that got you into blogging” or “Why did you decide to start blogging” well I’ve only told you all the little bits I have never told you the full response to why I wanted to start blogging. Once I was reading a few blogs and thought about making my own blog after a few weeks or so of me wanting to make a blog, I went over to my best friend's house Amy Lee to see what she thought about the idea. After a few hours of us talking about it and so on I then decided that once I got home I would make Jack Deyes Lifestyle / and I’m so glad I did. I got home and went on to Google and looked up all kinds of different blog subjects and after hours and hours of searching Google and so on I came across lifestyle. Once I picked my topic and so on I then planned my blog and the name and I then planned some blog posts that sadly are no longer available due to problems I had with moving from WordPress. The one reason why I decided to start blogging was that I was reading loads of blogs anyway and it also looked like loads of fun. I also made my blog because I wanted something to do instead of just sitting in my room all day playing games on my X-Box and well not really doing anything. I wanted to do something that I knew I would enjoy and I knew that I would enjoy it for a long time well I’m so glad I decided to blog. The more I blog the more I love it and I’m not saying that blogging is always easy and to run a blog and all the rest of it but at the end of the day if blogging was as easy as people think then to me it won’t be fun….right? I come across new bloggers every day and every single blog looks amazing in its own way I love how every blog is different. I’ve said this so many times before but if you want to start blogging then go for it because it's so much fun and you get to know so many other amazing bloggers. -

  • My Advice To New Bloggers

    Welcome to another blog post; this week's blog post is based on "My Advice to New Bloggers", so to all the new bloggers out there, welcome to the blogging community, and I hope you find this blog post helpful. Before we get into this blog post, I just wanted to share my blogging journey with you, so you get to know my blogging background and a little bit more about the blog. I got into blogging after reading a few blog posts on topics like lifestyle, tec, baking, and so many more. After reading all the different blogs, I decided to make my blog and have the subject just about lifestyle. After that, I found a blogging group called Southampton Bloggers, which was amazing because I got to meet some other fabulous bloggers. I also got to attend some fantastic events and did some PR work. I've also had the chance to work with one of my favourite bloggers, and she is Anna Newton, "The Anna Edit" I come across Anna after finding her Apple PodCast called "At Home With". Being able to work and team up with her was terrific. After having my blog for six years, I moved it from WordPress to Wix. When I started blogging, I used WordPress for a good few years and the reason why is because that was the most popular one at the time. WordPress wasn't bad, but you were very limited to what you could do, and if you had to contact WordPress support for something, they would always ask for a reason and put their prices up. My brother then mentioned Wix to what I looked into; they seemed to be way better than WordPress. The customer service is way better, you're free to do whatever you want to the blog, and they are cheaper than WordPress. . That is a rough background of my blog, and hopefully, you found some of that interesting. My Advice To New Bloggers Hosting Site A hosting site is a website that runs your blog, and every hosting site has different plans, price features and so forth. Before you go with anyone, look at prices, what they can offer you and most importantly, their feedback. Domaine & Blog Name The domain and blog name are the most important things for your blog because it's the thing that your blog readers will remember when they are looking for your blog, and the domain will be the thing you will put in your social media bio/website link on your social media pages. When you think of a name for the domain, you need to think of something that your readers will remember and something easy to spell-like your name, for example. (Please note the Domain you want me not avlible to have due to another blog/website already owning that Domain) Blogging Topics When it comes to blogging topics, there are so many to choose from, and the best bit about it is that you can have more than one, and there are millions to pick from, such as Lifestyle Review Days out Travel Technology Finance Probity Stock Photes & Your Photes Are you maybe thinking about what are stock photos? They are photos like the one below, and stock photos are photos that you or anyone else has permission to use, and you could see this photo and many others on millions of websites and blogs. I don't have a problem with bloggers using stock photos the only time I get annoyed about it is when bloggers use them for every blog post they do. I highly recommend you use the images that you have taken and only use stock photos now and then, or even better, try and not use them at all if you can Social Media The best way to gain blog followers/readers is by having social media, which doesn't mean you have to be on every social media platform. The two that I'd recommend you get are Twitter and Instagram because, in my eyes, they are the two best platforms for bloggers. Overnight You're not going to get millions of followers/readers and views overnight, and it's going to take time, effort and cooperation to get a high number on your blog; for some bloggers, this has taken them years and years to get where they are today. My main advice on this would be to focus on your blog, not the numbers. The Device You Blog On When I started blogging, I was blogging off an old Amazon Fire tablet; it wasn't the best, and the app I used to run my blog was minimal and wasn't that easy to run. I then got an iPad which made it a little easier, but still, the app was limited. I then got a MacBook, and doing things on my blog and making blog posts became more manageable, and I'd highly recommend any bogger to use a laptop.

  • Apple HomePod Mini & HomeKit Review

    HomePod Mini A few months ago I went into the Apple Store in Southampton and had a look at their HomePod Minis. Now I was a little unsure about the HomePod Mini as I'm used to having an Alexa. The Alexas are great but there are a few things I didn't like about them. The first one was if you have Apple Music as I do then Alexa isn't all that good at finding the song and let alone playing the right one. You had to make sure the apps or whatever they were called was kept updated and if they had any bugs then they wouldn't work or run the routine and so on. The reason why I moved over to the HomePod Mini is that well most of the stuff in my life is part of the Apple Ecosystem. To me, the Apple Ecosystem is amazing because for example if I'm playing something from Apple TV on my iPhone 12 and then stop playing it and go and watch it on my iPad Mini or Apple TV boxes then then it will just carry on from where I left off on my iPhone. I love the HomePod Mini because unlike Alexa I can make phone calls, receive and send text messages to my contacts. Also when I"m working late at night my iPhone will tell my HomePod when I'm near my house and will turn my lights on. This is also the same if I go out and leave anything playing on the HomePod Mini or leave the lights on or the plugs it will automatically turn them off. If I"m playing some music on my phone while walking home I can go up into my room put my phone near the HomePod and it will move the auto from the phone to the HomePod and back again. I can also ask Sir to set me a reminder and instead of it just saying 2 times like Alexa Sir will say it and send a notification to your Apple devices. Unlike Alexa, the HomePod Mini has amazing room-filling sound and music just sounds amazing. HomePod Mini also has a private and secure feature added to it so Siri will recognise your voice and will keep your info private and secure so when you ask Siri to send a text message to one of your contacts or call someone it will only do that when it hears your voice and know if someone comes in and asks Siri to text someone in your contact Siri won't do it. To anyone who has AirTags, you can now ask Sir on HomePod Mini to find your keys or anything you may have an AirTag attached to. Like other things that Apple has released like AirPods, iPhone, iPad, AirTags and much more setting up the HomePod Mini is so easy it takes seconds to do. You can also get the HomePod Mini in 5 different colours HomeKit Just like the HomePod Mini, anything that works with HomeKit is also made simple all you have to do is get your (iPhone, open up the HomeKit app, tap on the + , and then tap on Add Accessory) and then get your smart home light, plug or other smart home accessories and scan the QR code and within seconds it's connected. Unlike Alexa or Google, it's all in one place no need for 3rd party apps. To anyone who's a part of the Apple Ecosystem like me, I'd highly recommend you get the HomePod Mini.

  • My Apple Collection

    I was watching YouTube about someone's Apple collation and for someone like me who is a big fan of Apple it was really interesting to watch. That then got me thinking why don't I make a blog post based on the Apple things that I have. Hopefully, it's something you'll all enjoy reading. iPhone 12 The one thing I love about my phone is how organised it is and how easy it is to navigate. I also love how my phone works with MagSafe and I also love fast it is the photos it takes are incredible. Apple Watch S7 The one thing I love about my Apple Watch S7 is that I'm able to track my steps and see how much I've got left until I hit my rings. I also love how I can make and receive calls with text messages. I like how I can make payments from my watch and also switch between different bands, straps and watch faces. iPad Mini 2021 Some people are not big fans of the iPad Mini family because of the small screen and how small it is. I've had the iPad Mini for a long time and I think the iPad Mini is way better than the bigger iPads. I know the iPad Mini is the same as the other iPads but there are benefits and things about the iPad Mini you may not know. The reason why I like the iPad Mini is that due to it being small I can fit it in smaller places and it fits in the bag so well. Another thing about the iPad Mini is that it has 4 speakers, perfect for playing music and watching movies. I also love how when I read things on Apple News or blog posts I'm able to read them and not have to fiddle about with the iPad trying to make it fit in my hand. AirPods 3rd Gen I remember when I got my first set of AirPods the sound that came out of them was amazing and well if you know Apple at all you'll know that Apple makes their products better and better every year. When the AirPods 2nd Gen came out I went and got some to see what everyone loved about them so much and well when I put the new AirPods on I wasn't disappointed. They sounded even better and I love how you can have the surround you and also have head tracking mode. I love how Siri reads out my notifications like What's App and Facebook messages, and text messages and tells me who's calling. All I need to do is just press a button and I can reply to the message and then if I need to stop the music because I'm in a shop at the tills all I need to do is just take one out and it stops the music back in and it continues the music. MacBook 2017 Yes my MacBook is an old moodle now and it's about 4-5 years old but for someone like me who uses this MacBook every day, it works well. I mostly use my laptop for blogging, working, emails, and apprenticeship work. Regarding apps, there aren't that many apps that I have on it WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, Apple TV, Prime video and Twitter. Apple TV When Apple TV first came out I didn't think it was all that great and it didn't have that much to offer in my opinion. A few years later they realised the Apple TV 4K which in my eyes is way better than the other Apple TVs and yes you may be thinking but it's the same as the others, right? And ugh well no and that is because when Apple realised the Apple TV 4K they made the whole box different from how Siri works and responds to you, how smooth the Apple TV is, how fast it is and how well it knows what you like watching just from remembering what you enjoy watching from things you've watched before. The 3 main things that I love are that if you're watching something on your iPad or iPhone you can continue where you left off on your Apple TV. I also love how you can do Apple Fitness Plus and when you want to watch something like a horror movie and your household is asleep easy just get your AirPods and connect them to Apple TV via Bluetooth, put them in and there you go also if you have the AirPods 2nd Gen and put them in surround mode the sound is incredible. HomePod Mini Before the HomePod Mini Apple had realised another HomepPod that was way bigger than the Mini and in my eyes didn't look that nice and it also apparently left ring marks on anything wooden. Longside that Apple didn't make it "smart" like the Google Home Mini and Alexa is. Instead, Apple's main focus was sound what you could kind of expect from Apple. Due to this and it was not what people expected and a lot of people returned them Apple then realised the Homepod Mini was way better than the normal HomePod. The HomePod Mini was smarter plus continued to have that amazing sound. Siri was 1005 smarter and the HomePod mini was what most Apple customers were expecting. The 3 main feathers I love about the HomePod Mini is that when I come home and I'm playing some music all I need to do is get my iPhone put it next to the HomePod Mini and it will continue playing the song from where I live off and the same if I'm going out and playing music on my Homepod Mini. I just get my phone put it next to the Homepod and it continues playing the music. The second thing I love about the Homepod Mini is the actions you can make with it. Before I had the HomePod Mini I'd keep leaving plugs on, lights and so forth which really annoyed me. Now with the HomePod Mini when I leave the house the lights plus just turn off and when I get home and it's dark my bedroom lights just turn on. MagSafe MagSafe I am still a little new and there are not a lot of people of know what MagSafe is let alone it's even a thing. Let me explain what this Mag Safe thing is. MagSafe is a load of accessories like phone cases, wallets, chargers and battery packs. All of them work with iPhone 12 and newer and that is because at the back of the iPhone 12 and newer they have a magnet on the back of the phone so when you put the case on or anything else that works with MagSafe it will just connect. I use MagSafe a lot and I love it. The 3 MagSafe items I like the most are the MagSafe charger and the reason why is because unlike other while charges where it would move out of centre or you had to put it dead in the middle with MagSafe you just put it on the charger and click it's on and you don't need to worry about it moving out of the centre. The MagSafe wallet is really good and well I like it but I do think the price is a little too high for a wallet it's also linked to the FindMy network which is great but in my eyes, it's a little useless and that is because when it fulls off or you take it off and put it does you'll get a little notification telling where it was last seen but if someone picks it up and walks off with it you can't track where it is so in my eyes having it linked to the FindMy network is pointless. Apart from that, I think MagSafe is great and it's great to keep the cards that you need with you at all times. AirTags Just like MagSafe the AirTags are new to the Apple family and I think the Airtags are useful. AirTags are little keyrings that go onto your keys, bags or other things that you may be able to put an AirTag on. They are made so if you've missed placing something you go to the FindMy app, tap on items, tap on the item you've lost and find it. With this, you can ping it or follow a little green arrow. if you've lost it at a park or left it at someone's house all you'll need to do is tap on a location and it will send you to Apple Maps and give you the directions to where you'll need to go. Also, let's say you are going to a friend's house if you've forgotten your keys or something with an AirTag on it you'll get a notification saying that you've left it such and such address. You may be wondering what happens if someone takes your AirTag or you lose it simple Apple has come up with a salutation on you keeping that AirTagsafe until you get it back. You just need to go onto the FindMy app and tap on the AirTag that's gone missing and tap on, lost mode enable, read the information, tap on continue, enter your phone number or email, next, type a message, activate

  • My Goals

    Get A Little Better At Managing Money I wouldn't say I'm really bad at looking after and spending money but I think it could be something that could do with a little bit of work. I'm hoping to crack down on things I spend the most money on and think of other ways I could be saving my money. Sort My Bedroom Out My bedroom is my favourite room in my house and that is because it's my place to come and do what O want from doing my work, blogging, chilling and watching some YouTube or whatever is on Netflix. It also looks just the way I want it to and well I just love my bedroom. My bedroom is organised but I feel like I could just go through a few things and see what I need and don't need and it get back on track. Get Planning For The Blog When I started blogging I had so many blog posts lined up all ready to go up every weekend and well it's safe t say I was on it. Since the Pandemic (Covid-19) jit I've been a little bit off the ball with work and stuff so I'd love to spend this month getting my blog back on track with the blog post. Get Back On Track With My Apprenterhship Without saying where I'm currently working or mentioning their name I'm currently doing an apprenticeship with the place where I work and hopefully go up the ladder. With that said over the last few weeks, there have been. a lot of things going on and well I"ve kinda left it in the background and now I'm having to play catch up. I'm hoping to get back on track this month and smash a load of work. Catch Up On Reading Them Blog Post Before life got buys at my 2 jobs and well time just flew I use to read loads of blog posts but that came to a sudden stop I'm hoping to catch up on all of my favourite bloggers. "This is a screenshot of Becca's blog has permission to use this screenshot in this blog post. If you'd like to check out Becca's blog check out the button below"

  • Things About Me

    I hope you enjoy this blog post and fingers crossed you get to know just a little bit more about me. My Pet I've got a pet rabbit called Kiara who I've had for 2-3 years now she's so incredibly cute and is much more clever than she makes out to be. I got Kiara as an X-Mas gift from my um and dad and she's the best X-Mas gift I could have ever asked for. Blogging As some of you know or to whoever may have read my blog post "I've Been Blogging For 8 Years" I've been blogging for 8 years and to this day still feels a little strange because I never thought I'd be doing it for this long. I've been asked a few times if I ever get bored of blogging and well no I love it and it's the feeling of having your place on the web that you can call you're own and interact with people from all over the world. Some people who started following my blog way back in March 2015 and still follow my blog today and I've also got some lovely blogging friends and even gotten to meet some bloggers as well hat is amazing plus met a few of my readers which is incredible. My Hobbies Apart from blogging I also love to read books "not as much as I'd like", create things for social media, work on websites, go on long walks, take photos and so much more. My Most Favourite City Out of all the cities in the world, my favourite city is London the capital city of the U.K. The reason why is that where I"m from and I'd love to go back and just live in London and just spend every day there Who Are My Favourite Bloggers Over time this has changed but the top 3 have never stopped being on my list Anna Newton "The Anna Edit" Emma Deyes "Poppy Deyes" Becca "becc4" I love all their blog posts, their blog layouts and much more also when you read their blog posts you can tell just how much they love blogging and how much it all means to them Dream Job Normally you'd only have like 1 dream job for me there is 3 Become the CEO of Apple "This will never happen in a million years" Become a full-time blogger Have my own business Hopefully, 2 or 3 will becomes happen but I'll have to wait and see. The One Thing I Love Everyone has that one thing they love and for me it's technology. I find out how things work and what different things you can do. Out of all the things there are in technology I love Apple stuff and smart-home stuff. With Apple, I love how they are making people's lives even easier without us even knowing it and how they continually come out with new things we didn't even know we needed. The same with SMart Home things my bedroom is filled with smart things from smart lights, smart plugs to a smart motion sincere and well you can just imagine what my house would be like. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and I hope you're excited about next weekend's post...

  • My Blogging Mistakes When I started Blogging

    The other night I watched a YouTube video called "Blogging Mistakes for Beginners to AVOID | Common Blogging Mistakes | By Sophia Lee" and it got me thinking about what things in my 6 years of blogging have I gotten wrong and how you could avoid making the same. • Not looking at other hosting sites | When I started my blog back in 2015 I didn't do any research about hosting sites or anything I just found WordPress and just went with them. At the time WordPress and Blogger were the 2 most popular hosting sites at the time. WordPress was great and all but whenever I did anything to my blog I always felt like something was missing and I didn't feel like I had full control of my blog. Last year someone said to me why don't you try out Wix you'll have full control and you make your blog how you want and you'll be in control. After having a look at Wix and making Jack Deyes on there I felt my passion for blogging again and I feel like I have full control of my blog and the plans are better priced as well. This is why to anyone who is thinking about starting blogging I'd recommend you have a look at other hosting sites and do your research. • Running my first blog off my old phone | Now that I think about it I can't fully understand why I thought running my blog off my phone was a good idea. Yes okay, there was an app but with an app to run your blog from you're very limited to what you can and can't do. I then saved up for a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, 2017) and it made running my blog so much easier and now I can see why so many bloggers have laptops. • Using Stock Photos | When I started blogging my blog was filled with stock photos it was okay at first until most of my blog posts just has millions of them. If possible try not to use so many stock photos and use your own. • Understanding (SEO) | It wasn't until I moved to host sites that I ended up learning and understanding what SEO is and how it works. Before I moved to host sites I didn't fully understand what SEO was I now know it involves stuff like traffic, website pages and so forth and it's not something you need to be spot on about but I think it's defiantly worth something to research about. • Not Having My Own Space | When I started blogging I'd normally just go into the back room of my hour and type up a load of blog posts now at the time that was okay but then I'd watch YouTube videos or read blog posts I'd noticed that they'd all have an office or a desk at home and they'd use it as there place to go and smash a load of blogging stuff. It wasn't until 5-6 years after blogging that I kinda got it to why some bloggers did that. This isn't me saying go out and rent an office space or order s desk but I think it's best for you to find your own little place so you're alone and have the thinking space...hopeful that all made sense haha. • Having Too Much On My Blog | To me when it comes to any kind of website or blog the last thing you want is it to be filled with loads of widgets, ads, buttons and other stuff. When I first started blogging it was filled with loads of widgets and it ended up making my blog slow and non-mobile friendly. When I moved my blog over I had this one rule and that was not to add so much to my blog and to keep it clean, tidy and easy to use. Now to me, that is what my blog is. • Feeling Like I Had To Be On It 24/7 | When I started blogging I"d spend the majority of my day on my blog doing loads of blog posts, moving everything around and so on. Down to that, I ended up making blogging feel less of a hobby and more like a thing I had to do all day and all night. After taking some time away from my blog I finally found my love for blogging again and I continue to put loads of work into my blog just like many other amazing bloggers do but just not all the time if you get what I mean. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope this blog post can help some of you avoid some of the blogging mistakes I've made. Sorry, this photo didn't have many photos...

  • Gifts For Him & Her This Valentines Day | 2022

    This blog post is made for the people who 1 leave gifts to the minute and 2 find it so hard to find that one person has a gift they just end up getting a gift card or the first thing they can see so I hope this blog post will help you with that. All the gifts you see in this blog post are from Amazon Sterling Silver Necklace I Love You to The Moon and Back This would be a sweet little gift to that special lady in your life also be a great necklace if you're taking her out somewhere special. An Edited Life: Simple Steps to Streamlining your Life, at Work & at Home I have this book at home and I love I recommend you go to Anna's website/blog to find out more first and then if you like it you know what to do (You may need to scroll down a little until you see the bit about Anna book) I did a book review about Anna's book you read that by tapping/clicking on the button below Quartz Watch with White Dial Analogue Display & Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet Does your partner life rose gold things or could do with a nice watch then get her this it might also match her outfit if you're going anywhere nice Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) - Smart speaker Do you have a partner who loves smart tech and smart home stuff then why not get them an Amazon Echo this will be the perfect gift for them Heinz Limited Edition Tomato Ketchup Chips Lovers Gift Set Do you have a partner who 1 loves chips and 2 loves Heinz the ketchup then this is the perfect gift De'Longhi Magnifica S, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Does your partner love coffee then why not get them this amazing coffee machine I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope it helps some of you find that gift All photos/pictures found on this blog post are owned by

  • My New Goals For 2022

    Welcome back to the blog I hope everyone had a lovely X-Mas, a great start to 2022 and everyone is well. This weeks blog post is a short one and I hope you all like it. My Goals For 2022 To complete my apprenticeship | For almost a year now I've been doing an apprenticeship so I can move up the ladder and more things to add to my CV. 2. Stay more organised | In 2021 I wasn't that organised then I normally am so I'm taking this year to get back on track 3. Get back to blogging | In 2021 I put blogging to one side but this year I'm getting my blog back on track and getting even more blog posts done 4. Be better with my money | When it comes to money I'm not that bad at it but I feel like it could do with some work so fingers crossed 2022 will help me with that 5. Compleat my room set-up | In 2019 I started to change my room around but then we had COVID-19 so that kind of stopped due to me being needed at work more than ever and everything stopping in the U.K. I'm hoping this year I can continue with setting up my room and giving it a new look 6, Support More Bloggers | At the bigging of the pandemic, I thought this would be the time we see a lot of people trying something new, finding a hobby or something. Instead of that, I ended up being completely wrong and instead the blogging community came to some kind of stop. I'm hoping that 2022 will be the year where we see the blogging community come back again and see all kinds of different new bloggers and other bloggers who have been doing this for a while come back, dust off the laptop and get blogging again. I'm hoping with maybe a few blog posts that are based on supporting bloggers and also using social media a the main tool it should all come to plan and get blogging going again. Now I'm not saying that blogging is dead or anything like that I just think it needs a kick if you get what I mean. Chelsea has given Jack Deyes permission to use this image/screenshot On the subject of supporting other bloggers, I recommend you check out Chelsea's blog and show it some love. Did you know that you can follow via email? When you follow you'll get an email about the latest blog post that has been published and updates on the blog. Tap on the button below to follow A new post every weekend

  • What I'd Like For X-Mas

    To anyone who's looking for any last minute X-Mas gifts I hope this will help you find that gift. Lego Titanic I love making things out of lego and this is the next thing I'd love to make Apple HomeKit I'm new to this Apple HomeKit thing and well so far I'm loving it. A few more things added to it would be amazing. I've found a few things I'd like to add so hopefully I can get them. Apple MacBook Air I love gold MacBooks I think they just look incredible also I love MacBooks because they are amazing for blogging, working from home and things like homework. Also just like all the Apple stuff it's all linked together. I highly recommend MacBooks to anyone. Planner/Diary I have this job where I attend a lot of meetings "via Zoom & ConnectTeam" plus have a lot of dates to remember so having a planner/diary would be perfect. AirTags I use my AirTags all the times mainly fir my keys but I can tell you now they are super helpful and they work with the Apple FindMy network. Yes I need more...

  • Why I'd Love To-Do Blogging As My Fulltime Job

    As some of you know I've been blogging for 7-years and to some people that sounds like a long time and I guess to a degree it is. I love blogging for a load of different reasons and here are a few. I love how you can have a little place on the web where you can make blog posts based on any topic you like and share them with other people. I love how with blogging you are the boss and you can do whatever you want. The reason why I'd love to do blogging as my job is that the one thing I'm passionate about and put so much work into I could do full time just think how cool that would be. I understand being a full-time blogger isn't a walk in the park and you'd have way more things to do than a part-time blogger does and it's probably not that easy to become a full-time blogger at all when you think about it and to be completely honest with you I wouldn't even know of where to start. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and I hope you come back for the next one. If you'd like to follow my blog via email click/tap on the button below.

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